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All abstracts by Richard A. Armstrong in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Isotopic Evidence of ca 60 Ma Long Cryogenian to Ediacaran High-K Collisional Magmatism in the Pernambuco – Alagoas Domain, Borborema Province, NE Brazil
Da Silva Filho A, Guimarães I, Santos L, Armstrong R, Van Schmus W, Farias D, Datolli L, Cocentino L, Rodrigues I & Coutinho M

(2017) Rapid but Stepwise Exhumation of a Miocene UHT Migmatite Complex by Slab Rollback in Eastern Indonesia
Pownall J, Armstrong R, Forster M & Hall R

(2015) Reworked Old Crust-Derived Shoshonitic Magma: An Example from Northeastern Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Pimentel M, Armstrong R, Guimarães I, da Silva Filho A, Lima M & da SIlva T

(2014) Relevance for W Gondwana Assembly of Syn-Collisional Ediacaran Granitic Plutonism with 18O/16O Crustal Signature, Borborema Province, NE Brazil
Francisco Da Silva Filho A, De Pinho Guimarães I, Armstrong R, Cocentino L, Lima D & Rufino E

(2014) U-Pb Zircon SHRIMP and Geochemical Data of Granitoids Characterizing the Evolution of Shear Zones in the Borborema Province NE Brazil
Guimaraes I, Silva Filho A & Armstrong R

(2013) Dating Mantle Metasomatism: A New Tool (U/Pb LIMA Titanate) and an Impostor (40Ar/39Ar Phlogopite)
Giuliani A, Phillips D, Kendrick MA, Maas R, Greig A, Armstrong R, Felgate MR & Kamenetsky VS

(2012) Mobility of Isotopes in Deformed and Undeformed Rocks
Camacho A, Davis D, Davis B & Armstrong R

(2011) Measurement of Four-Isotope Sulfur Ratios on SHRIMP–SI
Holden P, Armstrong R, Foster J, Lanc P, Schram N & Ireland T

(2011) SHRIMP U-Pb Geochronology of Neoproterozoic Rio Una Sequence, NE Brazil, and the Rodinia Break-Up
Da Silva Filho A, Guimaraes I & Armstrong R

(2011) U-Pb SHRIMP and Geochemical Data of Granitoids Characterizing the Evolution of Shear Zones in NE Brazil
Guimarães I, Silva Filho A, Silva F & Armstrong R

(2010) Contrasting Sources of Magmatic Epidote-Bearing Monzodiorites and Tonalites, NE Brazil
Ferreira V, Sial A, Pimentel M, Armstrong R, Spicuzza M, Guimarães I & Da Silva Filho A

(2009) Early Proterozoic Zircons in Variscan Gabbros from Central Spain: Evidence of an Icartian Magmatic Event at Mantle Depths?
Villaseca C, Orejana D, Armstrong RA, Pérez-Soba C & Merino E

(2006) The Archean-Paleoproterzoic boundary in Amazonian craton: new isotope evidence for crustal growth
Macambira M, Armstrong R, Silva D & Camelo J

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