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All abstracts by Cristina Domènech in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Fluoride Release from Rocks and Sediments from East African Rift Valley
Domènech C, Navarro-Ciurana D, Canals MÀ, Cossío O, Barbieri M, Pittalis D, Soler A & Ghiglieri G

(2013) Assessment of the Evolution of the Redox Conditions in a Low and Intermediate Level Nuclear Waste Repository (SFR1, Sweden)
Duro L, Domènech C, Grivé M, Roman-Ross G, Bruno J & Källström K

(2007) Modelling of Denitrification Plumes Induced by Organic Matter Injection in Aquifers
Grandia F, Domènech C, Jordana S, Coscera G, Arcos D, Duro L, Guimerà J & Bruno J

(2007) Long-Term Geochemical Evolution of the Near Field Repository: Insights from Reactive Transport Modelling and Experimental Evidences
Arcos D, Grandia F, Domènech C, Fernández AM, Villar MV, Muurinen A, Carlsson T, Sellin P & Hernán P

(2005) Reactive Transport Models for Deep Radioactive Waste Disposal
Arcos D, Domènech C & Grandia F

(2004) Evaluation of Current Zr(IV) Solubility Data and their Influence on the Stability of Aqueous and Solid Hydroxides
Domènech C, Duro L, Ripoll S, Bruno J & Giffaut E

(2000) Oxidative Dissolution Rate of Aznalcóllar Sulphide Sludge (SW Spain)
Domènech C, de Pablo J & Ayora C

(2000) Weathering of the Pyritic Sludge Remaining in the Soil after the Aznalcóllar Accident (SW Spain)
Domènech C & Ayora C

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