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All abstracts by Frank Dehairs in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Trace Element Cycling in the North Atlantic
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Dehairs F, Planchon F, Sarthou G, Lherminier P & Vance D

(2017) Patterns of N2 Fixation Across the Northern North Atlantic
Fonseca-Batista D, Deman F, Li X, Le Roy E, Ingeniero R, Mariez C, Roig S, Lemaître N, Fripiat F, Chou L & Dehairs F

(2017) N2-fixation Footprint on Nitrate Isotopic Composition in Temperate Northeast Atlantic Ocean
Deman F, Fonseca-Batista D, Fripiat F, Le Roy E, Thilakarathne D, Lemaitre N, Roukaerts A & Dehairs F

(2017) Environment and Nutrient Control of Nitrogen Fixation
Li X, Fonseca-Batista D, Roevros N, Dehairs F & Chou L

(2017) Particulate Trace Element Export in the North Atlantic (GA01 Transect)
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Dehairs F, Sarthou G, Bollinger C, Jeandel C, Castrillejo M & Planchon F

(2017) Benthic-Pelagic Coupling in the East Siberian Sea from Nitrate Isotopes
Fripiat F, Declerq M, Sapart C, Anderson L, Bruechert V, Deman F, Fonseca-Batista D, Humborg C, Roukaerts A & Dehairs F

(2015) Missing Carbon Source or Methodological Bias?
Roukaerts A, Zhou J, Fripiat F, Tison J-L & Dehairs F

(2015) Iron Biogeochemistry Under a Changing Climate: Impact on the Phytoplankton Growth and the Diazotrophic Nitrogen Fixation
Li X, Fonseca D, Ingber H, Roevros N, Dehairs F & Chou L

(2015) Isotopic Composition of Nitrate from the Temperate and Sub-Polar North Atlantic
Le Roy E, Fonseca-Batista D, Roukaerts A, Fripiat F, Deman F, Brion N & Dehairs F

(2015) Seasonal Evolution of the River Scheldt Nitrate Isotopic Composition
Plante A, De Brabandere L, Fripiat F, Deman F, Brion N, Fonseca Batista D & Dehairs F

(2015) What Have We Learned from Ra Isotopes About the Natural Iron Fertilization Offshore from the Crozet and Kerguelen Islands?
Sanial V, van Beek P, Lansard B, Souhaut M, Kestenare E, Dehairs F, Jacquet S, d'Ovidio F, Meng Z & Blain S

(2015) Mesopelagic Carbon Remineralization along the GEOVIDE Transect in the North Atlantic (GEOTRACES GA01)
Lemaitre N, Planquette H, Dehairs F, Monin L, Andre L, Jacquet S & Planchon F

(2009) A First Look at GEOTRACES Issues from the IPY BONUS GOODHOPE Cruise in the Southern Ocean
Boye M, Achterberg E, Bown J, Bucciarelli E, Cardinal D, Cassar N, Cavagna A-J, Chever F, Dehairs F, Fine RA, Happell J, Joubert W, LeMoigne F, Masqué P, Monteiro P, Planchon F, Sarthou G, Verdeny E, Wake B & Waldron H

(2007) 226Radium Activities and 226Ra/Ba Ratios on the Kerguelen Plateau, Southern Ocean (KEOPS Project)
Bourquin M, van Beek P, Reyss J-L, Souhaut M, Jacquet S, Dehairs F, Charette M & Jeandel C

(2006) A parametric method for water mass analysis applied to the Southern Ocean
De Brauwere A, Jacquet S, Dehairs F, De Ridder F, Pintelon R, Schoukens J & Baeyens W

(2006) Biogenic or abiogenic organics in hydrothermal fluids from ultramafic-hosted vents of the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The first step of the origin of life?
Konn C, Holm NG, Charlou J-L, Donval J-P, Dehairs F & Bouillon S

(2000) Geochemistry of Surface Sediments, Filtered and Sediment Trap Particles from the Sub Antarctic and Polar Front Zones of the Southern Ocean, South of Tasmania
Cardinal D, André L, Dehairs F, Cattaldo T, Fagel N & Trull T

(2000) On the Potential of Bivalve Shells to Record Environmental Conditions: A LA-ICP-MS Study of Trace Element Distributions along a Growth/time Axis
Lazaret C, Vander Putten E, André L & Dehairs F

(2000) Assessing Flux Rates from Isotope Dilution Experiments and Numerical Modelling: Results for 15N and 135Ba Tracer Experiments
Elskens M, Cattaldo T, Cardinal D, Baeyens W & Dehairs F

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