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All abstracts by Ryan Moffet in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Chemical Imaging of Atmospheric Particles
Laskin A, Wang B, Laskin J, Nizkorodov S, Moffet R, Knopf D & Gilles M

(2015) Towards Quantitative Mixing State Measurements: The Sacramento Case Study
Moffet R, O'Brien R, Wang B, Yu X-Y, Alpert P, Riemer N, West M, Sun Y, Knopf D, Laskin A & Gilles M

(2015) Single Particle Measurements of Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry: Past, Present and Future
Moffet R, O'Brien R, Pham D, Knopf D, Laskin A & Gilles M

(2014) Spectro-Microscopy of Ambient Aerosol Particles: Observational Constraints on Mixing State Parameterization
O'Brien R, Wang B, Laskin A, West M, Riemer N, Gilles M & Moffet R

(2014) Chemical Composition and Morphological Characteristics of Ambient and Laboratory Generated Soot Particles
O'Brien R, Sharma N, Pham D, Zaveri R, Shilling J, Mazzoleni C, Laskin A, Gilles M & Moffet R

(2014) Spectro-Microscopy of Atmospheric Particles: Viscocity
Gilles M, Laskin A, Moffet R, Wang B, Neu A, Epstein S, MacMillon A, Nizkorodov S & O'Brien R

(2010) Spectro-Microscopy of Carbonaceous Particulates
Gilles M, Moffet R & Laskin A

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