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All abstracts by Alexander Laskin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Chemistry Studies of Complex Soil Organic Matter Interactions with Solvated Metal Ions and Mineral Surfaces
Andersen A, Govind N & Laskin A

(2016) Complementary Microscopies on Atmospheric Aerosols
Gilles M & Laskin A

(2016) Airborne Soil Organic Particles
Laskin A

(2015) Chemical Imaging of Atmospheric Particles
Laskin A, Wang B, Laskin J, Nizkorodov S, Moffet R, Knopf D & Gilles M

(2015) The Role of Condensed-Phase Photochemistry in Atmospheric Processing of Aerosols and Aqueous Droplets
Aiona PK, Blair SL, Epstein SA, Hinks ML, Laskin A, Laskin J, Lee HJ, Lignell H, Lin P, MacMillan AC, Malecha KT, Nizkorodov SA & Romonosky DE

(2015) Atmospheric Particles: Viscosity, Phase, and Response to Relative Humidity
Gilles M, Harder T, Farland D, Vezina N, Wang B & Laskin A

(2015) Towards Quantitative Mixing State Measurements: The Sacramento Case Study
Moffet R, O'Brien R, Wang B, Yu X-Y, Alpert P, Riemer N, West M, Sun Y, Knopf D, Laskin A & Gilles M

(2015) Single Particle Measurements of Atmospheric Aerosol Chemistry: Past, Present and Future
Moffet R, O'Brien R, Pham D, Knopf D, Laskin A & Gilles M

(2014) Spectro-Microscopy of Ambient Aerosol Particles: Observational Constraints on Mixing State Parameterization
O'Brien R, Wang B, Laskin A, West M, Riemer N, Gilles M & Moffet R

(2014) Chemical Composition and Morphological Characteristics of Ambient and Laboratory Generated Soot Particles
O'Brien R, Sharma N, Pham D, Zaveri R, Shilling J, Mazzoleni C, Laskin A, Gilles M & Moffet R

(2014) Spectro-Microscopy of Atmospheric Particles: Viscocity
Gilles M, Laskin A, Moffet R, Wang B, Neu A, Epstein S, MacMillon A, Nizkorodov S & O'Brien R

(2014) Molecular Characterization of Brown Carbon – What Can be Learned and How?
Laskin A

(2010) Spectro-Microscopy of Carbonaceous Particulates
Gilles M, Moffet R & Laskin A

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