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All abstracts by Daisuke Kawamoto in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Adsorption of [PdCl4]2- and [PdCl3(OH)]2- onto δ-MnO2
Kawamoto D, Kawabata M & Miyazaki A

(2019) Adsorption and Oxidation of Cr(III) on the Surface of MnO2
Miyazaki A, Ishii N, Kajiwara M & Kawamoto D

(2018) Adsorption Behavior of MoO42- on α-Al2O3 and δ-MnO2
Yokoyama T, Kawamoto D, Shinjo T & Miyazaki A

(2018) Adsorption and Hydrolysis of Au(III) on the Surface of δ-MnO2 and Al2O3
Kawamoto D & Miyazaki A

(2018) Nano-Scale Observations of Cr-Bearing Spinel Synthesized Under Low Temperature Hydrothermal Conditions
Nishikata M, Ohtomo Y, Otake T, Kimura Y, Kawamoto D & Sato T

(2017) Change in the Chemical State of [AuCl4-n(OH)n]- Complex Ion (n=0 – 4) by the Substitution of Cl- with OH-
Kawamoto D, Kurisaki T, Tokunaga M & Yokoyama T

(2017) 113Cd CP-Mas NMR Spectra of Cadmium Hydroxides Containing Various Anions in their Structures
Sakai Y, Kawamoto D, Yokoyama T & Miyazaki A

(2016) Why Does the Pd/Pt Anomaly Cause for Marine Manganese Crust ?
Tanaka K, Kawamoto D, Ohashi H, Okaue Y, Tokunaga M & Yokoyama T

(2016) XRD and 113Cd MAS NMR Study on Hydrolysis Products of Cd2+
Sakai Y, Kawamoto D, Yokoyama T & Miyazaki A

(2016) Preparation of Synthetic Gd and Dy-Doped Silica Glass for Geochemical Reference Material: A Preliminary Characterization
Yonezu K, Kawamoto Y, Ohashi H, Kawamoto D, Honma T & Yokoyama T

(2014) Chemical State of Cesium Concentrated in Truscottite
Ohashi H, Yonezu K, Honma T, Kawamoto D, Okaue Y, Watanabe K & Yokoyama T

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