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All abstracts by Donald Davis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Carbonatitic Magmas? A Mineralogical and Isotopic Approach
Rios DC, Davis DW, Conceicao H, Rosa MLS & Moura CAV

(2013) Episodic Growth of Vein Calcite in a Stable Continental Setting: Potential Application of U-Pb Dating by LA-ICPMS and ID-TIMS
Davis D, Parmenter A & Cruden A

(2012) A Textural and Mineralogical Assessment of NWA 3118
Barlet G, Davis D, Moser D, Tait K, Hyde B & Barker I

(2012) Precise Pb-Pb Dating of Precambrian Zircon Using Thermal Extraction-Condensation (TEC) and 202, 205Pb Double Spike
Das A & Davis DW

(2012) Mobility of Isotopes in Deformed and Undeformed Rocks
Camacho A, Davis D, Davis B & Armstrong R

(2012) Evaluating Meteorites Using LA-ICPMS: 'Lovina' Test Case
Charles C, McCausland PJA, Flemming RL & Davis DW

(2012) Bendego IC-Iron: HSE and Re-Os
Rios D, Carvalho W, Walker R, Davis D & Zucolotto ME

(2010) Alpha Recoil Loss from Baddeleyite Evaluated by Depth Profiling and Numerical Modelling: Implications for U-Pb Ages
Davis W & Davis D

(2010) A Bayesian Approach to Averaging and Error Estimation: Application to 87Rb Decay Constant Measurements
Davis D

(2010) A 87Rb Decay Constant Accumulation Experiment
Rotenberg E, Davis D & Amelin Y

(2009) Experiments in High Temperature Annealing of Zircon with Applications to Chemical Abrasion
Das A & Davis D

(2007) "Blood Coltan": Fingerprinting of Columbite-Tantalite Ores
Sitnikova M, Melcher F, Oberthür T, Henjes-Kunst F, Gerdes A, Brätz H & Davis D

(2007) Sub-M.y. Age Resolution for Precambrian Igneous Events by Thermal Extraction (TE-Tims) Pb Dating of Zircon: Application to Progressive Crystallization of the 1849 Ma Sudbury Impact Melt
Davis D

(2007) A New Approach to Precise Pb Dating of CAI's by Thermal Extraction and Thermal Ionization in Silica Melt
Charles C & Davis D

(2005) Decoupled Fractionation of Even- and Odd-Mass Isotopes of Pb in TIMS
Amelin Y, Davis D & Davis B

(2005) Determination of the <+>87<$>Rb Decay Constant by <+>87<$>Sr Accumulation
Rotenberg E, Davis D & Amelin Y

(2004) Archaean Granites at Serrinha Nucleus, Bahia, Brazil
Rios D, Davis D, Conceição H, Rosa M & Dickin A

(2002) The Oldest Zircons from the South America Continent
Rios DC, Conceição H, Davis DW, Rosa MDLDS & Marinho MM

(2000) Hf Isotopes in Zircon and Archaean Crustal Growth in the Western Superior Province
Davis DW, Amelin Y, Nowell G & Parrish R

(2000) Preferential Dissolution of Radiogenic Pb from Alpha Damaged Sites in Annealed Minerals Provides a Mechanism for Fractionating Pb Isotopes in the Hydrosphere
Krogh T & Davis D

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