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All abstracts by Mauricio Ibanez-Mejia in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Single-Grain 238U/235U Measurements in Early Earth Zircons
Tissot FLH, Ibanez-Mejia M, Boehnke P, Dauphas N, McGee D, Grove TL & Harrison TM

(2019) Zr Stable Isotope Variability in the Silicate Earth: Is Zircon to Blame?
Ibanez-Mejia M, Tissot FLH, Grohn LJ & Tompkins HGD

(2019) In situ d94/90Zr Variations in Zircon
Kirkpatrick H, Harrison TM, Liu M-C, Tissot F & Ibanez-Mejia M

(2018) Zr Stable Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Processes
Ibanez-Mejia M & Tissot F

(2017) A Quaternary Xenolith Record of Lower-Crustal Pyroxenite Formation and Foundering in the Andean Arc
Ibanez-Mejia M, Bloch EM, Murray KE, Vervoort JD & M├╝ntener O

(2017) Petrogenesis of A-Type Granitoids in the Chotanagpur Granite-Gneiss Complex (CGGC): Evidence for Mesoproterozoic Crustal Extension in the Indian Shield
Mukherjee S, Ibanez-Mejia M, Dey A, Sanyal S & Sengupta P

(2014) A New Model for Prograde Timescales Based on Lu-Hf Garnet Ages
Bloch E, Ibanez-Mejia M & Ganguly J

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