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All abstracts by James Fredrickson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Biochemical Mineral Reduction Through the Porin Cytochrome Complex of Shewanella oneidensis
Clarke T, Edwards M, White G, Wang Z, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Butt J, Richardson D & Shi L

(2014) Acidovorax Species Reveal Potential for Oxidation of Hydrogen Coupled to Reduction of Oxygen, Nitrate, and Radionuclides Across a Subsurface Redox Gradient
Plymale A, Lee J-H, Fredrickson J, Dohnalkova A, Moran J, Resch C, McKinley J, Shi L, Roden E & Converse B

(2014) Bacterially-Produced Uraninite – Ultrastructural Characterization by High Resolution Imaging and Analyses
Dohnalkova A, Marshall M, Kemner K, Kennedy D, Genc A & Fredrickson J

(2014) Spatially-Resolved Carbon Flow Through a Hypersaline Microbial Mat
Moran J, Riha K, Cory A, Kim Y-M, Huang E, Metz T, Lipton M, Courtney S, Lindemann S & Fredrickson J

(2014) Liposome Model to Demonstrate Electron Exchange between Metal-Reducing Bacteria and Fe(III) Oxides
White G, Shi Z, Shi L, Fredrickson J, Zachara J, Butt J, Richardson D & Clarke T

(2014) Reactivity of Tc at the Groundwater-Surface Water Interface
Zachara J, Fredrickson J & McKinley J

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