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All abstracts by Bruce Eglington in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Canada’s First National-Scale Mineral Potential Model
Lawley C, Smith J, Tschirhart V, Schetselaar E & Eglington B

(2020) Geochemical Databases and a Need for Linkages to Other Database Systems
Eglington B, Pehrsson S & David H

(2017) A ~2 Billion-Year Assessment of Paleogeographic Influences on Earth’s Climate State
McKenzie R, Evans D, Eglington B & Planavsky N

(2013) Why was Rodinia Underendowed? Comparing the Effects of Paleogeography Versus Lithosphere Thickness on Secular Ore Deposit Preservation
Pehrsson S, Eglington B, Huston D & Evans D

(2013) Visualisation of Detrital Zircon Age Data Relative to Deposition Age and Identification of Potential Provenance Regions
Eglington B, Pehrsson S & Evans D

(2012) Ten Millennia of North Atlantic Seasonality: Evidence from Stable Isotope Values of Micromilled Molluscs
Timsic S, Patterson W, Eglington B & Andrews J

(2009) High-Frequency Late Glacial to Mid-Holocene Climate Variability: Evidence from Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Values of Marl Lakes in Canada, Ireland and the United States
Patterson W, Eglington B, Holmden C, Brasseur J, Mc Kenzie S & Manchester C

(2008) Cyclicity in Earth Evolution Constrained by Time-Series Analysis of Global Igneous Activity
Eglington B

(2007) Fractionation between Inorganic and Organic Carbon during the Lomagundi Carbon Isotope Excursion
Bekker A, Beukes N, Kenig F, Holmden C, Patterson W & Eglington B

(2005) High Mass Resolution Plasma Mass Spectrometry of Cr Isotopes
Holmden C, Eglington B & Papanastassiou D

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