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All abstracts by Atsushi Matsuki in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Estimation of Emission Source of Sulfate Aerosol Collected in the Northwestern Region in Japan
Miyamoto C, Matsuki A, Itai T & Takahashi Y

(2016) Seasonal Variations of Triple Oxygen Isotopes of Atmospheric Nitrate and Sulfate at Noto Peninsula, Japan
Hattori S, Kamezaki K, Ishino S, Nyu T, Savarino J, Sadanaga Y, Matsuki A & Yoshida N

(2016) Geochemical Education in Kanazawa University: Combination of Fieldwork, Material Handling, and Instrumental Techniques
Hasebe N, Mizukami T, Fukushi K, Matsuki A, Morishita T & Umino S

(2016) Carbonaceous Aerosols Observed in Noto Peninsula: Their Source and Impact on Aerosol CCN Activity
Matsuki A, Yamada R, Kinouchi K, Miyazaki R, Iwamoto Y, Ikemori F, Minami M & Nakamura T

(2016) The Characterization of Ice Nucleating Particles by Combined AFM, RMS, and SEM-Edx
Iwata A & Matsuki A

(2013) Simultaneous Measurement of CCN Activity and Chemical Composition of Fine Aerosols at Noto Peninsula, Japan, in Autumn 2012
Iwamoto Y, Kinouchi K & Matsuki A

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