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All abstracts by Manuel Keith in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Redox Processes and Metal Sources Recorded by Se Isotopes of Black Smoker Sulfides and Host Rocks
Grosche A, Keith M, Strauss H & König S

(2023) Unravelling the Behaviour of Chalcophile Trace Elements in Magmatic Systems of the Oceanic Crust
Schäfer W, Keith M, Regelous M, Klemd R, Kutzschbach M & Holtz F

(2022) Fluid Evolution in the Cu-Mo ±Re ±Au Porphyry System of Maronia, NE Greece: Insights from the Chemistry of Pyrite, Molybdenite and Quartz
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC, Hohl M & Klemd R

(2022) Vertical and Temporal Fluid Evolution Recorded by Sulfide Trace Elements: Insights from the Epithermal Profitis Ilias Au Deposit, Milos Island, Greece
Grosche A, Denkel K, Klemd R, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC & Alfieris D

(2022) Trace Elements in Magmatic Sulphide Droplets from Island Arcs, Back-Arc Basins and Mid-Ocean Ridges
Schäfer W, Keith M, Regelous M, Holtz F & Klemd R

(2022) From Micro to Nano, the Fate of Tellurium in Pyrite – A HR-Tem and APT Study
Börner F, Keith M, Felfer PJ, Macauley C, Kutzschbach M, Apeleo Zubiri B, Yokosawa T, Spiecker E & Fougerouse D

(2022) Magmatic Volatile Influx and Fluid Boiling in Submarine Caldera-Hosted Hydrothermal Systems, Niuatahi Volcano, Tonga Rear-Arc
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Sporer C, Bach W, Klemd R, Strauss H, Storch B, Peters C, Rubin K & Anderson MO

(2021) Volatile and Precious Elements in Plutonic and Volcanic Rocks: Implications for Epithermal- and Porphyry-Style Mineralisation, Western Thrace, NE Greece
Falkenberg JJ, Keith M, Haase KM, Voudouris PC & Regelous M

(2021) Trace Elements in Pyrite from Porphyry Cu Mineralizations in Young Island Arcs, Koloula Igneous Complex, Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands
Keith M, Haase KM, Chivas AR & Klemd R

(2021) Boiling Effects on Trace Metal(loid)s and Sulfur Isotopes in Shallow-Submarine Base Metal Sulfides, Milos Island, Greece
Schaarschmidt A, Haase KM, Klemd R, Keith M, Voudouris PC, Alfieris D & Wiedenbeck M

(2021) Tellurium and Related Element Fractionation in Porphyry-Epithermal Systems, Limnos Island, Greece
Börner F, Keith M, Bücker J, Voudouris PC, Klemd R & Haase KM

(2019) Assessing Magmatic Volatile Flux in Ancient VMS Systems
Martin A, Keith M, Parvaz D, McDonald I, Boyce A, McFall K, Jenkin G & MacLeod C

(2019) An SCLM Control on the Metallogenic DNA of the Continental Lithosphere
Holwell D, Fiorentini M, McDonald I, Lu Y, Giuliani A, Smith D, Keith M & Locmelis M

(2019) LA-ICP-MS Evidence for Decoupled Geochemical Behavior of Tl, As and Au in Modern SMS, Kolumbo Arc-Volcano (Santorini), Greece
Zegkinoglou N, Kilias S, Smith D, Keith M, Nomikou P & Polymenakou P

(2018) Tellurium Mineralisation in a Post-Collisonal Alkaline Epithermal Au Deposit, Cripple Creek, Colorado
Keith M, Smith DJ & Doyle K

(2017) Te and Se Systematics in Hydrothermal Pyrite from Precious Metal Ore Deposits
Keith M, Smith DJ, Jenkin GRT, Howell DA & Dye MD

(2015) On the Behavior of Sb and As in Hydrothermal Systems from the Manus Basin, Papua New Guinea
Blaauwbroek N, Keith M, Petersen S & Bach W

(2015) The Troodos Ophiolite was Probably Formed at a RTT/RTF Triple Junction
Regelous M, Haase K, Beier C, Brandl P, Keith M & Weinzierl C

(2015) Temperature Controlled Trace Element Variations in Pyrite within the Skouriotissa Sulfide Deposit, Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
Keith M, Haase K, Klemd R, Krumm S & Strauss H

(2013) Trace Element Systematics of Pyrite from Submarine Hydrothermal Vents
Keith M, Häckel F, Haase K, Schwarz-Schampera U, Klemd R & Petersen S

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