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All abstracts by Simon Jackson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Rae Impact Spherules: Aftermath of a ca. 2.1 Ga Exoplanet Strike
Percival J, Davis B, Petts D, Jackson S, Berman R, Shalchi B, Harrison M & Bell E

(2019) Enrichment of U-Y-Zr in Basinal Brines of the Athabasca Basin – Implications for U and REE Mineralization
Chi G, Chu H, Petts D, Potter E, Jackson S & Williams-Jones A

(2015) Os-Pb Isotope Constraints for the Timing of Sulphide Remobilization in Orogenic Gold Systems
Lawley C, Jackson S, Yang Z & Creaser R

(2015) Revealing Low-Temperature Alkaline Alteration of Zircon via Unpolished Grain Mapping
Kelly C, Schneider D, Jackson S & Harlov D

(2015) Quantitative LA-ICP-MS Mapping of Diagenetic Pyrite at Two Major Canadian Archean Au Deposits
Jackson S, Dube B, Oswald W & Yang Z

(2015) LA-ICP-MS Approaches to Depth-Profiling and Chemical Mapping of Unpolished Zircon
Kelly C, Schneider D, McFarlane C & Jackson S

(2013) Factors Controlling Elemental Fractionation in Laser Ablation ICP-MS Zircon Geochronology
Kosler J, Jackson S & Yang Z

(2013) Multi-Stage Gold Mineralization at the Hollinger-Mcintyre Deposit: A LA-ICPMS Mapping Study
Gao J-F, Jackson S & Dube B

(2013) The LA-ICP-MS U-Th-Pb Network: Improving Data Standards in Laser Ablation Geochronology
Horstwood M, Kosler J, Gehrels G, Jackson S, Pearson N & Sylvester P

(2013) High-Grade Sperrylite Zone Reveals Mantle Contribution to Ore Metals in the Sudbury Impact Structure
Ames D, Hanley J, Tuba G & Jackson S

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