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All abstracts by Yoshinori Iizuka in conference series: Goldschmidt

Evidence for Decoupling of Climate and Carbonaceous Aerosol over the Past 160 kyrs
Honda H, Seki O, Ono K & Iizuka Y

(2017) Calcium Speciation of Particles Trapped in Greenlandic Ice Core
Miyamoto C, Iizuka Y, Sakata K & Takahashi Y

(2017) A 60-Years Record of Nitrogen and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions of Nitrate in High-Accumulation Dome Ice Core Collected at South East Greenland
Hattori S, Tsuruta A, Iizuka Y, Uemura R, Matoba S & Yoshida N

(2016) Past Antholopogenic Aerozols Preserved in Ice Core of South-East Dome, Greenland
Iizuka Y, Ohno H & Matoba S

(2016) Temperature and Accumulation Rate Reconstruction from the Ice Core in South-East Dome, Greenland
Furukawa R, Matoba S, Uemura R & Iizuka Y

(2013) Chemical Compositions of Soluble Aerosols Around the Last Termination in the NEEM (Greenland) Ice Core
Oyabu I, Iizuka Y, Karlin T, Fukui M, Hondoh T, Leuenberge D, Fischer H, Sch├╝pbach S, Gfeller G, Mulvaney R & Hansson M

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