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All abstracts by Hongping He in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Constraints from Pyrite Micro-Structures on Gold Mineralization Processes of Multi-Stage Fluid Episodes
Tan W, Reddy SM, Fougerouse D, Wang CY & He H

(2020) Carbonate Ooids Cemented by Evaporites in Pleistocene Salt Lakes in the Qaidam Basin, Tibetan Plateau
Sun Y, Li Y, Li L & He H

(2020) Distribution and Fractionation of REEs during Ferrihydrite Transformation
Yang M, Liang X, He H & Arai Y

(2020) Remarkable Effect of Co Substitution in Magnetite on the Reduction Removal of Cr(VI) Coupled with Aqueous Fe(II)
Li Y, Liang X, He H & Arai Y

(2019) Heterogeneous Reduction of 2-Chloronitrobenzene by Co-substituted Magnetite Coupled with Aqueous Fe2+
Liang X, Li Y & He H

(2017) Valence Band Structure of Defective Pyrite (100) Surface: Experimental and ab Initio Study
Zhu J, Xian H & He H

(2017) Adsorption of Multi-Contaminant on Modified Montmorillonite
Ma L, Zhu J, Zhu R, Liang X & He H

(2017) Conversion of Serpentine to Smectite Under Hydrothermal Condition: Implication for a Solid-State Transformation
He H, Ji S, Zhu J & Tao Q

(2017) The Improvement of Zinc Substitution on the Reactivity of Magnetite Coupled with Aqueous Fe(II) Towards Nitrobenzene Reduction
Liang X, Li Y & He H

(2017) Co-sorption Mechanisms of Heavy-Metal Cations and Oxyanions on Iron (Oxyhydr)oxides
Zhu R, Liu J, Zhu J & He H

(2017) Transformation Mechanism of Brucite to Saponite in Hydrothermal Conditions
Tao Q, He H, Ji S, Li S, Zhang C & Komarneni S

(2017) Magnetite Exsolution in Ilmenite Derived from Sub-Solidus Re-equilibration of Fe-Ti Oxides
Tan W, He H & Wang Y

(2016) New Insights into the Solid Transformation of Ilmenite-Hematite Solid Solutions
Tan W, He H & Wang Y

(2016) Can 1:1 Type Clay Minerals Transform into 2:1 Type Swelling Smectite?
He H, Ji S, Tao Q & Zhu J

(2016) The Oxidation State and Microstructural Environment of Transition Metals (V, Co and Ni) in Magnetite: An XAFS Study
Liang X, He Z & He H

(2013) Molecular Simulation Study of Rectorite
Zhou J, Lu X, Zhu J, Sprik M, Boek E & He H

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