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All abstracts by Lennart de Nooijer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Carbonic Anhydrase Contribution in Benthic Foraminiferal Calcification
De Goeyse S, Webb A, Reichart G-J & de Nooijer L

(2019) Na Incorporation into Inorganic CaCO3 and Implications for Biogenic Carbonates
Mezger E, Devriendt LS, Olsen E, Watkins J, Kaczmarek K, Nehrke G, de Nooijer L & Reichart G-J

(2019) Understanding Calcification in Foraminifera to Improve Proxy Relationships
de Nooijer L, Toyofuku T, Geerken E & Reichart G-J

(2018) Planktonic Foraminiferal Na/Ca as a Proxy for Salinity
Mezger E, de Nooijer L, Brummer G-J, Siccha M, Kucera M & Reichart G-J

(2018) Towards a General Model of Isotopic Fractionation for Biogenic Carbonates
Devriendt L, Watkins J, De Nooijer L & Reichart G-J

(2016) Microscopic Imaging Reveals Geochemical Cellular Process of Foraminiferal Calcification
Toyofuku T, Matsuo MY, de Nooijer L, Nagai Y, Kawada S & Kitazato H

(2013) Opening the Foraminiferal Proxy Black Box a Bit Further
Bijma J, Brombacher A, Funcke A, Howes E, Kaczmarek K, Keul N, Langer G, Nehrke G, de Nooijer L, Raitzsch M & Reichart G-J

(2013) A New Model for Biomineralization and Trace-Element Signatures of Foraminifera Tests
Nehrke G, Keul N, Langer G, de Nooijer L, Bijma J & Meibom A

(2010) The Role of Ca Pools in the Calcification Process of Foraminifera
Nehrke G, de Nooijer L, Langer G, Meibom A & Bijma J

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