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All abstracts by Cristiana Ciobanu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Oscillatory-Zoned Hematite: A Reliable U-Pb Mineral Geochronometer
Courtney-Davies L, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Verdugo-Ihl M, Tapster S, Condon D, Kennedy A, Ehrig K, Wade B & Gilbert S

(2017) Nanoscale Study of Clausthalite-Bearing Symplectites in Cu-Au-(U) Ores from South Australian Deposits: Implications for Ore Genesis
Owen N, Ciobanu C, Cook N & Basak A

(2017) NanaoSIMS Mapping of 210RN and 226Ra in South Australian Copper Concentrates
Rollog M, Cook N, Guagliardo P, Kilburn M, Ehrig K & Ciobanu C

(2016) Trace Element Signatures in Garnet from the Zhibula Copper Skarn, Gangdese Belt, Southern Tibet
Xu J, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Zheng Y, Sun X & Wade B

(2016) U-Pb Geochronology of Fe-Oxides: LA-ICP-MS and SHRIMP Analysis
Courtney-Davies L, Kennedy A, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Ehrig K, Wade B, Condon D & Tapster S

(2016) Identifying Hosts for Non-Target Uranium and Associated Radionuclides in Copper Ores and Concentrates
Schmandt D, Cook N, Rollog M, Ehrig K, Triffett B & Ciobanu C

(2016) Towards an Understanding of the Mineralogical Deportment of 210Po and 210Pb in Geological Samples
Cook N, Schmandt D, Rollog M, Lane D, Ciobanu C, Ehrig K & Grano S

(2015) Ore Minerals at the Nanoscale
Ciobanu C, Cook N & Ehrig K

(2015) Trace Element Signatures of Sulfides in the Olympic Dam Cu-U-Au-Ag Deposit, South Australia
Cook N, Ciobanu C & Ehrig K

(2013) REE Signatures of Accessory Minerals from Iron Oxide Copper Gold – Skarn Mineralization, Hillside, South Australia
Ismail R, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Giles D & Schmidt-Mumm A

(2013) U-Bearing Hematite: A Tool for Dating Iron Oxide Copper Gold Systems?
Ciobanu C, Wade B, Cook N, Giles D, Schmidt-Mumm A & Cleverley J

(2011) Rare Earth Element Variation in Hydrothermal Fe-Oxide Cu-Au Systems
Schmidt Mumm A & Ciobanu C

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