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All abstracts by Jong-Woo Choi in conference series: Goldschmidt

Improved Thermal Decomposition System for the Measurement of Hg Isotope Ratios in Environmental Reference Materials
Park J, Kim M-S, Park HW, Kim J-Y, Chung H-M & Choi J-W

(2019) Tracing of Gorundwater Nitrogen Source Driving Ulva Lactuca Bloom Using 15N-No3, 18O-No3 Stable Isotope Ratios
Kim M-S, Yun S-H, Lim B-R, Park J-S, Chung H-M & Choi J-W

(2016) Determination of Heavy Metal Elements in USGS SRMS and Tree-Ring by Laser Ablation-ICPMS
Kim J-Y, Kim MJ, Park JS, Park HW, Kim MS & Choi JW

(2016) Dual N and O Isotopes Analysis of Nitrate Using Identification Method in Freshwater Ecosystem
Lim B, Kim M, Kim J, Yoon S, Shin K & Choi J

(2016) Combining Tree Ring Metal Concentraton and Isotope ratio(13C, 207/206Pb) to Reconstuct Environmental Pollution History in Urban Area
Kim M, Kim J, Yoo H, Yoon S, Park J, Lim B, Shin K & Choi J

(2016) Source Identification of Particulate Organic Matter and Sediment in the Singil Creek in Terms of Land Use by Multi-Elements (Carbon, Nitrogen and Oxygen) Stable Isotope Ratios
Kim D, Lee Y, Kang S, Kim M, Choi J-W & Shin K-H

(2016) Mercury Isotopic Ratios in Environmental CRMs and Biological Samples by Using Multi-Collector ICP/MS
Choi J, Kim J, Kim M, Park J, Park H & Kim M

(2015) Environmental Impacts on Artificial Lake by Tidal Power Plant: Application of δ13C, δ15N and δ34S Values
Kim M, Yoon S, Ra K, Kim K, Shin K, Lee W-S & Choi J

(2013) Stable Pb and Cd Isotopes in the Riverwaters and Soils Near the Zn-Refinery, Korea
Choi M, Park J, Chang D, Park S & Choi J

(2013) Pb Isotope Ratios in Stream Sediment Around Two Abandoned Mines Originating from One Ore Deposits
Choi J-W, Lee K, Yoo E-J, Lee W-S & Han J-S

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