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All abstracts by Yogaraj Banerjee in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Hydroclimate of Eastern Anatolia during Marine Isotope Stage 2: New Insights from Lake Van Tufa Carbonates Using Carbonate Clumped Isotopes
Banerjee Y, Ghosh P, Ghosh R, Yeşilova Ç & Shen C-C

(2022) A Tale About the Precipitation over the Indonesian-Australian Monsoon Region for the Last 600 kyr
Banerjee Y, Lo L & Shen C-C

(2021) Mid Cretaceous Climatic Oscillations from Southern (40°S) Latitude: Evidence from Bivalves (Gryphea) and Belemnites Using Clumped Isotopes
Banerjee Y, S T & Ghosh P

(2020) Seasonal Tempearture Variability Recorded in the Carbonate Bands of Cyclothems in Lacustrine Stromatolites of Early to Mid Miocene(~14-21Ma.) Deposit from the Ebro Basin, North Spain
Banerjee S, Ghosh P, Banerjee Y, Martin-Bello L, Arenas C, Osácar C & Auque LF

(2020) Moving Continent and Changing Seasonality in High pCO2 Worlds: A Tale Using Clumped Isotopes on the Mollusc Shell Growth Bands from the Indian Plate, Noa’s Ark in Deep Time
Banerjee Y & Ghosh P

(2019) Estimation of Dinosaur Body Temperature from Late Cretaceous Sauropod Eggshell from India Using Carbonate Clumped Isotopes
Banerjee Y, Ghosh P, Patnaik R, Jafar SA & Sahni A

(2019) Near Equilibrium Methanogenic Carbonate Formation in Krishna-Godavari Basin, Bay of Bengal Inferred from Clumped Isotopes
Fosu B, Banerjee Y, Gogoi B, Kocherla M & Ghosh P

(2019) Clumped Isotope Depositional Temperatures from Palaeoproterozoic Fine-Agglutinated and Microdigitate Stromatolites: Vempalle Formation, Cuddapah Basin, India
Banerjee S, Banerjee Y, Ghosh P & Riding R

(2018) Seasonality Based on Stable Isotopes and Clumped Isotope Records in the Growth Bands of Early Miocene Gastropod (Turitella Sp.) from the Kachchh Basin of Western India
Banerjee Y, Ghosh P & Halder K

(2017) “Paradise Lost” for the Belemnites: New Insights Using Clumped Isotopes from Cretaceous Trichinopoly, Southern India
Banerjee Y, Ghosh P, Willams IS, Rahul P, Chaudhuri A & Suwas S

(2016) New Break Seal Method for High Precision Clumped Isotope Analysis of Carbonate Reference Material
Ghosh P, Naidu P, Banerjee Y, Sarkar A, Fosu B & Meeran K

(2016) Clumped Isotope Thermometry on Seasonal Growth Band of Fossil Shell Revealed Occurrences of Winter Time Storm at the Dawn of Cenozoic Era
Ghosh P, Naidu P & Banerjee Y

(2015) Evidence of Decarbonation Process in a Skarn Deposit from Matanumadh Formation, Kachchh Basin, India
Banerjee Y, Dasgupta R, Ghosh P, Chakrabarti R & Hergt J

(2015) Seasonal Growth Bands in Oyster Shell Recording Signature of River Discharge at the Confluence of River Ganges
Banerjee Y, Bhushan R & Ghosh P

(2014) Evidence of Extreme Seasonality during Albian and Maastrichtian Period at 30°S Latitude Deduced Clumped Isotope Analyses in Mollusc Growth Band
Ghosh P & Banerjee Y

(2014) Seasonality and Strong Winter Monsoon during High pCO2 Condition of Early Eocene Based on Clumped Isotope in Mollusc Growth Bands
Banerjee Y & Ghosh P

(2013) Clumped Isotope Thermometry in Belemnite Shells from the Early Cretaceous Karai Shale Formation, Trichinopoly, India
Banerjee Y, Ghosh P & Chakrabarti R

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