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All abstracts by David Amouroux in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Speciation and Fate of Hg and Se Species in the Water Column of High Altitude Lakes (Pyrenees)
Duval B, Romero Rama A, Tessier E, Bueno M, de Diego A & Amouroux D

(2019) Biogeochemistry of Selenium Compounds in the Water Column of a Warm Monomictic Lake (Lake Kinneret, Israel)
Romero-Rama A, Bueno M, Tessier E, Be'eri-Shlevin Y, Sukenik A, Nishri A & Amouroux D

(2019) Carbon Dioxide Emissions from High Altitude Lakes in Relation with their Geochemistry
Duval B, Kortazar L, Fernandez LA, Romero Rama A, Tessier E, Bueno M, Amouroux D & de Diego A

(2019) Insights into the Speciation of Arsenic, Selenium and Mercury in Saline Lakes of the Bolivian Altiplano
Guedron S, Tolu J, Tessier E, Bueno M, Mestrot A, Acha D & Amouroux D

(2019) Methylmercury Distribution and Formation in Polluted Agricultural Soils
Gfeller L, Amouroux D, Caplette J, Lei D, Liao J, Tessier E, Xia J, Zhang H, Feng X & Mestrot A

(2019) Latitudinal Variations of Hg Stable Isotopes in Seabirds Document MeHg Biogeochemitry in the Southern Ocean
Amouroux D, Renedo M, Chérel Y, Pedrero Z & Bustamante P

(2017) Hg Transformations in Sediments and Biofilms from High Altitude Lakes
Bouchet S, Amouroux D, Goni-Urriza M, Monperrus M, Guyonneaud R, Fernandez P, Tessier E & Acha-Cordero D

(2017) Frontiers in Speciation Sciences: The MARSS Center: Centre of Mass Spectometry for Reactivity and Speciation Sciences
Donard OFX, Berail S, Amouroux D, Tessier E, Pecheyran C, Claverie F, Bowen I, Szpunar J, Bierla K, Schaumloeffel D, Malherbe J, Horreard F, Martinez H & Courreges C

(2016) Mercury Isotopic Signatures to Unravel the Historical Contamination of Main German Waterways over the Last Decades
Donard O, Estrade N, Berail S, Epova E, Barre J, Cavalhiero J, Rudel H, Koschorreck J & Amouroux D

(2016) Traceability for Mercury Isotopic Measurements
Cavalhiero J, Berail S, Tessier E, Barre J, Renedo M, Amouroux D & Donard O

(2016) Bringing Total and Species Specific Hg Isotopic Analysis to Ultra-Trace Levels Using Hyphenated MC-ICP-MS
Bérail S, Bouchet S, Cavalheiro J, Tessier E, Barre J, Pedrero Zayas Z, Donard O & Amouroux D

(2015) Selenium Volatilization and Isotopic Fractionation Induced by Micro Organisms during Respiratory Reduction of Sulphate and Fumarate
Lanceleur L, Tessier E, Bueno M, Berail S, Hakil F, Guyoneaud R & Amouroux D

(2015) Understanding Bio-Volatilization Pathways of Trace Metal(loid)s (Hg, Se, Sn, …) in Aquatic Environments: Field and Lab Approaches
Amouroux D, Tessier E, Lanceleur L, Perrot V & Bueno M

(2014) Combination of Isotopic Composition and Speciation in Rice Grains from Chinese Mining Area to Elucidate Hg Biogeochemcial Pathways
Feng C, Pedrero Z, Li P, Feng X, Barre J, Monperrus M, Tessier E, Berail S & Amouroux D

(2013) Tracing Antropogenic Hg Emissions in an Urban Area in Northeastern France
Estrade N, Cloquet C, Amouroux D, Tessier E, Donard O & Carignan J

(2012) In Vitro Simulation of Oscillatory Redox Conditions in Intertidal Sediments
Anschutz P, Abril G, Deborde J, Bouchet S, Bridou R, Tessier E & Amouroux D

(2012) Hg Stables Isotopes Assessing Methylmercury Bioaccumulation, Sources, and Metabolization in the Pelagic Food Web of Lake Baikal (Russia)
Perrot V, Pastukhov M, Epov V, Amouroux D & Donard O

(2012) Hg Methylation and Demethylation Kinetics in Aquatic Environments: Role of Biotic and Abiotic Pathways on Hg Isotopic Fractionation
Amouroux D, Perrot V, Jimenez-Moreno M, Bridou R, Guyoneaud R & Monperrus M

(2011) Comparison of Mercury Bioacumulation within a Trophic-Web for Pristine and Anthropogenically Contaminated Aquatic Ecosystems
Epov V, Pastukhov M, Perrot V, Husted S, Alieva V, Amouroux D, Grebenshchikova V & Donard O

(2010) Investigation of Hg Species Binding Biomolecules in Dolphin Liver: Use of Isotopic Tracers for Sample Treatment Optimization
Pedrero Z, Mounicou S, Davis WC, Monperrus M & Amouroux D

(2010) New Kinetic Studies on the Abiotic Methylation of Inorganic Mercury by Methylcobalamin
Jimenez-Moreno M, Perrot V, Monperrus M & Amouroux D

(2010) Focus on Hg Methylation and Demethylation by Sulfate-Reducers at the Cellular Scale: The Use of Isotopic Tracers to Determine Transformation Rates, Uptake and Subcellular Localization
Monperrus M, Pedrero Z, Bridou R, Mounicou S, Guyoneaud R & Amouroux D

(2009) Development of a Hyphenated Technique (HG-ICP-MS/HG-MC-ICP-MS) for Isotopic Study of Germanium Species
Escoube R, Epov V, Berail S, Tessier E, Amouroux D, Perrot V, Rouxel O & Donard O

(2009) Speciation and Isotopic Signatures of Hg in the Lake Baikal – Angara River Food-Web
Epov V, Pastukhov M, Perrot V, Tessier E, Grebenshchikova V, Sonke J, Amouroux D & Donard O

(2009) Investigation of Mercury Methylation Routes Combining Species-Specific Isotopic Tracers and Isotopic Fractionation Measurements
Perrot V, Bridou R, Tessier E, Rodriguez-Gonzalez P, Epov V, Monperrus M, Guyoneaud R & Amouroux D

(2007) Development of the High Presicion Measurement of Mercury Species Isotopic Ratios by GC-MC-ICP-MS and its Validation with Two Other Analytical Aproaches
Epov V, Rodriguez-Gonzalez P, Sonke J, Tessier E, Amouroux D, Maurice Bourgoin L, Estrade N, Carignan J & Donard O

(2007) Distribution and Speciation of Mercury in the Curuai Floodplain Lakes and Role of the Water Exchanges with the Amazon River, Brazil
Dutra Maia P, Maurice Bourgoin L, Tessier E, Cossa D, Amouroux D, Perez M & Moreira Turcq P

(2003) Evasion of Gasous Metal and Metalloid Species (Se, Sn, Hg, I) to the Atmosphere from European Esturies
Amouroux D, Tessier E & Donard O

(2003) Fractionation of Mercury at the Molecular Level in Tuna and Whale from World Oceans: Potential and Limits of This Novel Approach to Assess Global Mercury Cycling
Donard O, Krupp E, Pecheyran C, Amouroux D & Fitzgerald W

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