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All abstracts by Michael Ackerson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Improving our Understanding of LIP Emplacement Ages Using Petrology, Thermal Modelling, and Geochemistry of Zircon Crystals: A Case Study from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
Davies JHFL, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Youbi N, Ernesto M, Greber ND, Ackerson M, Simpson G, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner LP, Pettke T, Farina F & Schaltegger U

(2020) Jack Hills Zircons Record the Appearance of Peraluminous Melts on the Early Earth
Ackerson M & Trail D

(2019) Ti Solubility Mechanisms and their Importance for Understanding Ti Activity
Ackerson M & Mysen B

(2017) High Water in Meimechites of the Siberian Traps LIP
Ivanov A, Mukasa S, Kamenetsky V, Ackerson M, Demonterova E, Pokrovsky B & Vladykin N

(2014) New Technique to Promote Unseeded Precipitation of Inorganic Calcium Carbonate Crystals from Artificial Seawater
Borrelli C, Watson EB, Gabitov R, Thomas JB, Ackerson MR, Trail D, Ruscitto D & Katz ME

(2014) Trace-Element Analysis of Quartz in the Jack Hills Metaconglomerate
Ackerson M, Tailby N & Watson EB

(2012) Experimental Investigation of Ti in Garnet at Eclogite Facies Conditions
Ackerson M, Watson B & Spear F

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