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All abstracts by Rommulo Vieira Conceicao in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Progressive Silica Depletion during Experimental Serpentinization of Peridotite Mantle Xenoliths
Portella YM, Conceição RV, Siqueira TA, Cedeño DG & Iglesias RS

(2017) Dioctahedral Smectites as Nitrogen Conveyors to the Deep Earth: Implications for the Origin of Life
Cedeño D, Conceição R, de Souza M, Quinteiro R & Carniel L

(2017) Liquid Immiscibility and Platinum Group Element Diffusion in L6-S5 Ordinary Chondrite
Schaan R, Grings D, Gomes MB, Conceição R, Quillfeldt J & Zucolotto ME

(2017) The Leucite-Nepheline-Diopside and Kalsilite-Nepheline-Diopside Phase Diagrams at 4GPa Under Dry Conditions
Conceicao RV, Wilbert de Souza MR, Grings Cedeno D, Quinteiro R & Colombo Carniel L

(2014) Geochemical Speciation Sofware Comparative Study and Development of a New Software
Klunk MA, Damiani LH, Conceicao RV & Freitas CMDS

(2014) Chemical and Isotopic Evidences of Mantle Source Heterogeneity in the RosáRio do Sul Kimberlite Province
Adrião Á, Conceição R, Carniel L & Gervasoni F

(2013) K- and La- Doped Smectite Under High Pressure and Temperature Conditions: Implication on Mantle Metasomatism
Conceicao RV, Carniel L, Stefani V, Schenato F, Alabarse F, Balzaretti N & Xavier AM

(2012) Structural Changing Control of Potassium Saturated Smectite at High Pressures and High Temperatures: Application for Subduction Zones
Carniel L, Conceicao R, Dani N & Stefani V

(2011) U-Pb Perovskite Ages of Kimberlites from the RosáRio do Sul Cluster: Southern Brazil
Conceição R, Lenz C, Provenzano C, Sander A & Silveira F

(2011) Mantle Heterogeneities beneath Laguna Timone Volcano, Pali Aike Volcanic Field, Southern Chile
Gervasoni F, Conceição RV, Jalowitzki TLR & Orihashi Y

(2011) Structural Changing Control of Potassium Saturated Smectite at High Pressures and High Temperatures: Application for Subduction Zones
Carniel L, Conceição R & Dani N

(2011) Tectonic Evolution of a ~800-767 Ma Continental Arc-Back-Arc System in South Brazil
Lenz C, Porcher C, Fernandes L, Conceição R, Edinei K & Masquelin H

(2009) Phlogopite-Bearing Fossil Plume and EM II Component Evidences in Patagonia, Registered in Alkaline Basalts from Southern Argentine (36°S – 44°S)
Jalowitzki T, Conceicao R, Orihashi Y, Bertotto G & Gervasoni F

(2009) Structural Analyses of Bentonite Under High Pressure and High Temperature
Alabarse F, Conceição R, Balzaretti N & Xavier A

(2009) Experimental Petrology, Geochemistry and Petrography of Mantle Xenoliths from Prahuaniyeu Volcano, Northern Patagonia, Argentine
Gervasoni F, Conceicão R, Bertotto G, Gallas M & Jalowitzki T

(2008) Behaviour of Lanthanides in Sorption Process at the Thermodynamic Prospect
Belline J, Conceição R, Formoso M, Tertre E & Berger G

(2008) Geochemistry of Websterites from the Aznares Volcano, Argentine Patagonia: Constraints on Mantle Metasomatism
Pressi L, Conceição R, Jalowitzki T & Gervasoni F

(2008) Ultramafic Xenoliths Suites from Patagonia Extra Back-Arc, Argentine: Evidences of Lithospheric Mantle Metasomatized by OIB-Like Melts and Subduction Related Fluids
Gervasoni F, Conceição R, Jalowitzki T, Bertotto G & Pressi L

(2008) Slab-Derived Fluid Metasomatism in Mantle Lithosphere from Agua Poca Volcano, Argentina N-Patagonia
Jalowitzki T, Conceição R, Bertotto G, Gervasoni F & Pressi L

(2008) Mantle Heterogeneity from South Patagonia, Argentine: Evidence of Depletion and Metasomatism from Slab Derived and OIB-Like Fluid
Conceicao RV, Sumino H, Horihashi Y, Schilling M & Jalowitzki T

(2007) Mantle Heterogeneity Evidence from South Patagonia, Argentine Indicated by Noble Gas Analysis on Mantle Xenoliths
Conceicao R, Sumino H, Orihashi Y & Nagao K

(2007) The Influence of Metasomatized Mantle Wedge Related to Flat-Subduction Processes in Extra Back-Arc Basalts in Patagonia, Argentine
Jalowitzki T, Conceicao R & Orihashi Y

(2003) Andean Subduction-Related Lithospheric Mantle: Growth and Isotopic Evidence of Chemical Exchange in Mantle and Crustal Reservoirs
Mallmann G, Conceicao R & Koester E

(2002) Late Proterozoic Alkaline Magmatism in the South Brazil as an Evidence of Mantle Heterogeneity
Pla Cid J, Conceição RV, Nardi LVS & Stable L

(2002) Early Proterozoic Alkaline Magmatism in the Northeastern Brazil as an Evidence of Archean and Early Proterozoic Heterogeneous Mantle
Conceição RV, Rosa MDL, Conceição H & Nardi LVS

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