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All abstracts by Michael A. Clynne in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Magma Formation in Hot-Slab Subduction Zones: Insights from Volatile Contents of Melt Inclusions from the Southern Cascade Arc
Walowski K, Wallace P, Clynne M, Wada I & Rasmussen D

(2008) Eruption of Discrete Magma Batches along a Normal Fault Zone: The Poison Lake Chain, Caribou Volcanic Field, Southernmost Cascades
Muffler LJP, Clynne MA, Calvert AT & Champion DE

(2008) Zircons from Mount St. Helens: Implications for Magma Storage
Claiborne L, Miller CF, Clynne M, Wooden J & Mazdab F

(2005) Plagioclase Zoning in Dacites of the Current Mt. St. Helens Eruption
Streck M, Thornber C, Clynne M & Pallister J

(2005) Field Geology and Petrology of the 2004-2<->0.5<$> Mount St. Helens Dome
Pallister J, Thornber C, Clynne M, Cashman K & McGee K

(2005) Eruptive History of Mount St. Helens, Washington- a Summary with New Data
Clynne M, Wolfe E, Calvert A, Pallister J, Champion D, Lanphere M & Evarts R

(2005) Overlapping Calc-Alkaline and Tholeiitic Magmatism in the Southernmost Cascade Range
Muffler P & Clynne M

(2005) Geochemical Profiling, Nomarski Imaging, and Crystal Size Distribution Analysis of Mixed Magmas from Lassen Peak, CA
Salisbury M, Bohrson W & Clynne M

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