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All abstracts by Sergey Churakov in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Carbonate Minerals for the Uptake of Heavy Metals: Experimental Studies of MgCO3 Reactivity with Pb2+
Di Lorenzo F & Churakov S

(2019) Approaches for Porosity & Permeability Initialization in Continuum-Scale Reactive Transport Simulations
Mahrous M, Sultan A, Liao Q, Prasianakis N, Curti E & Churakov S

(2019) A Microfluidic Experiment and Pore Scale Modelling for Assessing Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution in Confined Spaces
Poonoosamy J, Deissmann G, Mahrous M, Curti E, Churakov S, Klinkenberg M, Bosbach D & Prasianakis N

(2019) Atomistic Modelling Approach for Interpretation of Spectroscopic Data
Kéri A, Cametti G, Dähn R, Krack M & Churakov S

(2019) Molecular Mechanism of Dissolution, Growth and Ion Uptake at the Clay Mineral/Water Interface
Schliemann R, Kurganskaya I & Churakov SV

(2019) Uptake of PbII by Calcite and Aragonite: The Influence of CaCO3 Polymorphism on the Process
Di Lorenzo F, Ruiz-Agudo C & Churakov S

(2018) HT – Hydrogen Transfer Modeling with the Nernst-Planck Solver (NPS)
Hax Damiani L, Vinsot A, Kosakowski G & Churakov S

(2018) Monte Carlo Modelling of Surface Speciation and Dissolution Kinetics of Carbonate Minerals in the Presence of Electrolytes
Kurganskaya I, Luttge A & Churakov S

(2018) Combined ab Initio and XAFS Spectroscopy Study on the Characteristics of Metal Uptake by Clay Minerals
Kéri A, Dähn R, Krack M & Churakov S

(2015) Multi-Scale Atomistic Simulations of pH Dependent Ion Sorption by Minerals: Case Study Disordered Tobermorite Surface
Churakov S, Labbez C & Pegado L

(2011) Multi-Scale Modelling of Ions and Water Diffusion in Clays
Churakov S

(2011) Two Step Up-Scaling of Molecular Diffusion Coefficients in Clays
Churakov S, Gimmi T & Tyagi M

(2000) Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Fluids at High Temperatures and Pressures
Churakov S & Gottschalk M

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