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All abstracts by S Jiang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Infrared Fluid inclusion microthermometry on coexisting wolframite and quartz from Dajishan tungsten deposit, Jiangxi province, China
Ni P, Huang J, Wang X, Jiang S & Ling H

(2005) Two Kinds of Plagioclases with Discontinuous Zoning in the Basalt from Okinawa Trough and their Tectonic Significance
Chen X, Zhao M, Wang R & Jiang S

(2005) REE Geochemistry of Phosphate Nodules from the Lower Cambrian Black Shale Sequence in the Mufu Mountain of Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
Chen Y, Jiang S, Ling H & Yang J

(2005) Early J2 Basalts in SE China: The Incipience of Large-Scale Late Mesozoic Magmatism
Xie X, Xu X, Zou H, Jiang S, Zhang M & Qiu J

(2005) An Enriched Mantle-Derived Adakitic Granite-Porphyry in the India-Tibet Continent Collision Setting
Jiang Y, Jiang S, Ling H & Dai B

(2005) The Behavior of Boron in Hydrothermal Alterations of Granites
Zhao K, Jiang S, Nakamura E, Moriguti T, Jiang Y & Ling H

(2005) Fluid Inclusion Study on the Ore-Forming Fluid of Rutile Occuring in Eclogite from CCSD Main Hole
Ni P, Wang R, Ling H, Jiang S, Qiu J, Zhu X & Xu Q

(2005) Re-Os Isotopes as a Tracer and Dating Technique for Black Shales and Ocean Anoxic Events
Yang J, Jiang S, Ling H & Chen Y

(2005) Petrology and Geochemistry of Shoshonitic Volcanic Rocks from Luzong in the Lower Yangtze Region, Eastern China: Petrogenesis and Inferences on the Nature of the Mantle Sources
Qiu J, Jiang S, Wang R & Lo Q

(2005) Boron Isotope Variation and its Environmental Implication in Wuquan River Estuary, Hainan Island, China
Ge C, Jiang S, Ling H & Chen P

(2004) Carbonatitic Magmatic Fluid Kept in Quartzite Associated with Carbonatite Dyke in Bayan Obo, China
Ni P, Ah R, Ling H, Jiang S & Jiang Y

(2004) REE in Neoproterozoic Phosphorite and Dolomite from South China: Implications for Paleoenvironmental Change
Ling H, Feng H, Jiang S, Ni P & Yang J

(2004) Petrogenesis of Qianlishan Granitic Pluton, Southeast China: Implications for an Extension Setting
Jiang Y, Jiang S & Zhao K

(2004) Pt/Pt* Anomaly and PGE Elemental Pairs as New Tools to Trace the Origin of Sulfide Mineralization: Taking the Cambrian Ni-Mo Sulfide Bed as an Example
Jiang S, Ling H, Yang J & Chen Y

(2004) The Feldspars Record of Rock Formation Process in Tonglu Volcanicintrusive Complex
Chen X, Wang R, Ni P, Jiang S & Liu C

(2004) Geochronology and Geochemistry of the Dajishan Granitic Pluton and its Relation to Tungsten Mineralization in Jiangxi Province, China
Qui J, McInnes B, Jiang S, Xu X, Allen C & Cam bell I

(2004) S-He Isotope Evidence for the Origin of the Giant Dachang Snpolymetallic Ore Deposit in South China
Zhao K, Jiang S, Ni P & Ling H

(2004) Geochemistry of Pore Waters as Indicators for the Potential Gas Hydrate Occurrence in the South China Sea
Yang J, Jiang S, Yang T, Xue Z, Ling H, Chen D, Wu N & Liu J

(2003) Hydrothermal Ore-Forming Processes of the New Discovered Giant Furong Tin Deposit Associated with the Qitianling Granitoid in Hunan Province, South China
Zhao K, Jiang S, Jiang Y & Pu W

(2003) Implications of Fe/Mn Ratios in Fe-Mn Crusts for Paleoclimate Changes
Lu Z, Ling H, Jiang S & Zhou F

(2003) Granite-Related Gold Mineralization – FIP Study of Wulong Gold Deposit and Sanguliu Granite, Southern Liaoning Province, NE China
Ni P, Jiang S & Ling H

(2003) Marine Geochemistry of the Rare Earths and Platinum-Group Elements in Cambrian Ocean, Yangtze Platform, South China
Yang J, Jiang S, Ling H, Chen Y, Feng H & Chen J

(2003) Pb and Nd Isotope Evolution of the Central Pacific Ocean over the Cenozoic: Implication for Contrasting Source Dominance
Ling H, Jiang S, Ni P, Zhou F, Lu Z & Zhou H

(2003) Geochemistry of K-Rich Volcanic Rocks along the Middle-South Parts of Tancheng-Lujiang Deep Fault Zone, Eastern China: Constraints on Mantle Source and Petrogenesis
Qiu J, Jiang S, Xu X & Lo C

(2003) Cu Isotope Compositions of Cu-Sulfides from Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
Jiang S, Woodhead J, Lu J, Gu L, Ni P & Hua R

(2003) Copper Isotope Study of Copper and Gold Deposit of Dongguashan, China
Lu J, Hua R & Jiang S

(2003) Sr-Nd Isotope Systematics of Fluorite in the World-Class Xiangshan Uranium Deposit, SE China: Evidence for Ore-Forming Fluid Derivation from the Local Enriched Mantle Source
Jiang Y, Ling H, Jiang S, Shen W, Fan H & Ni P

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