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All abstracts by Michel Cathelineau in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Tungsten (VI) Speciation in Hydrothermal Solutions up to 400℃
Carocci E, Truche L, Cathelineau M, Caumon M-C & Bazarkina E

(2018) Uranium-Sulphides-Organic Matter-Dolomite Low Temperature Diagenetic Interplay in Cretaceous Continental Unconsolidated Sediments (Mongolia)
Rallakis D, Cathelineau M, Michels R, Brouand M & Parize O

(2018) Distribution, Speciation and Enrichment Processes of Scandium in Lateritic Profile of New Caledonia
Munoz M, Ulrich M, Bonnet C, Levard C, Rose J, Ambrosi J-P, Cathelineau M, Teitler Y, Marcaillou C & Hesse B

(2017) Petrology and Geochemistry of Scandium in New Caledonian Ni-Co Laterites
Teitler Y, Cathelineau M, Ulrich M, Ambrosi J-P & Munoz M

(2017) Origin of H2 and CO Adsorbed on Talc and Chlorite from the Trimouns-La Porteille Deposit (Pyrenees)
Quesnel B, Truche L, Rigaudier T, Cathelineau M, Boiron M-C & Gaucher EC

(2017) Carbonation and Silicification of the Peridotite Nappe of New Caledonia: A Stable Isotope Survey
Boulvais P, Quesnel B, Cathelineau M, Gautier P, Bailly L, Vennemann T, Le Carlier de Veslud C, Cluzel D, Sevin B & Robineau B

(2017) Trace Elements in Tourmaline: Markers of Incipient W-Deposition in Panasqueira Mine
Carocci E, Marignac C, Cathelineau M & Pinto F

(2016) Numerical Model of the Development of the Secondary Nickel Ores (New Caledonia): Towards Understanding the Lateritic Ni Mineralization
Myagkiy A, Truche L, Cathelineau M & Golfier F

(2016) Ni and Fe Bearing Phases and Redox during the Weathering of the New Caledonia Ophiolite
Munoz M, Ulrich M, Cathelineau M & Mathon O

(2013) Fe-Serpentines to Fe-Chlorites Experimental Synthesis: An Iron Metal-Shale Interaction between 60 and 300℃
Cathelineau M, Mosser-Ruck R, Pignatelli I, Caumon M-C & Truche L

(2013) Characterisation of Cronstedtite Synthesized by Iron Clay Interaction in a Cooling Procedure
Pignatelli I, Mugnaioli E, Hybler J, Mosser-Ruck R & Cathelineau M

(2013) Geochemical Characterization of Uranium Mill Tailings
Nos J, Boizard A, Peiffert C, Phrommavanh V, Cathelineau M & Descostes M

(2013) Ge, Related Trace Elements, and Ge Isotopes in Sphalerite from the Saint-Salvy Deposit (France) by LA-ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS
Belissont R, Boiron M-C, Luais B & Cathelineau M

(2013) The Uranium Mineralization of Pen Ar Ran (Armorican Massif), France: An Atypical "Vein Type" Deposit
Poujol M, Ballouard C, Boulvais P, Cuney M, Cathelineau M & Gapais D

(2012) Dating Fluid Flow Events in a Shallow Sedimentary Basin: The Key Contribution of K-Ar Geochronology of Authigenic Illite
Blaise T, Clauer N, Cathelineau M, Boulvais P, Boiron M-C, Techer I, Tarantola A & Landrein P

(2012) The Origin of Mineralising Brines in Unconformity-Related U Deposits: Insights from Noble Gases and Halogens in Fluid Inclusions
Richard A, Kendrick MA & Cathelineau M

(2011) Conditions for Uranium Transport in Unconformity-Related U Deposits
Richard A, Rozsypal C, Banks DA, Mercadier J, Cuney M, Boiron M-C & Cathelineau M

(2010) Roll Front Type U-Ore Redistribution in Unconformity Related Deposits
Mercadier J, Cuney M & Cathelineau M

(2009) Origin of U-Mineralizing Brines in the Athabasca Basin, Canada
Richard A, Cathelineau M, Boiron M-C, Cuney M, Banks D, Boulvais P, France-Lanord C & Pettke T

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