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All abstracts by Giovanni Aloisi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Hydrology of Marginal Evaporitic Basins during the Messinian Salinity Crisis
El Kilany A, Caruso A, Dela Pierre F, Natalicchio M, Rouchy J-M & Aloisi G

(2015) Out of Equilibrium δ18O and Variable δ13C as a Tracer of Metabolism in Bacterially Mediated Carbonates
Thaler C, Ader M, Guyot F, Aloisi G & Ménez B

(2013) Calcification Rate and Carbon-Isotope Fractionation in Coccolithophore Calcite Through Laboratory Culture Experiments
Hermoso M, Minoletti F, Candelier Y, McClelland H, Aloisi G & Rickaby R

(2013) Enhanced Calcite Dissolution in the Presence of Aerobic Methanotrophic Bacteria
Krause S, Aloisi G, Engel A, Liebetrau V & Treude T

(2012) Submarine Weathering of Detrital Silicates Simulated in the Laboratory
Aloisi G, Albrecht C, Haeckel M, Kutterolf S, Deusner C & Wallmann K

(2010) Diagenesis of Gypsum
Baudrand M, Aloisi G, Martineau F, Fourel F, Lécuyer C, Pancost R, Blanc-Valleron M-M, Rouchy J-M, Aref MAM & Grossi V

(2009) Silicate Weathering in Anoxic Marine Sediments: Detailed Mineralogical Investigation
Albrecht C, Aloisi G, Haeckel M, Kutterolf S & Wallmann K

(2009) Flux of Carbon Dioxide Across Fluid and Frozen Interfaces: Constraining Kinetic Controls from High-Pressure Experiments
Bigalke N, Savy J-P, Aloisi G & Haeckel M

(2009) Application of Raman Spectroscopy to Study the CO2 Dissolution Kinetics in Water and the Growth of CO2 Hydrate
Savy JP, Bigalke N, Aloisi G & Haeckel M

(2009) A Thrust for Early Skeletal Evolution Provided by Ocean Chemistry
Aloisi G

(2007) Silicate Weathering in Anoxic Marine Sediments
Wallmann K, Aloisi G, Haeckel M, Éisenhauer A, Tishchenko P & Pavlova G

(2006) Carbon cycling at cold seeps: biogeochemical processes and benthic methane fluxes
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Boulooubassi I, Pancost R & Luff R

(2006) A possible long-term CO2 sink through submarine weathering of detrital silicates
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Tischenko P, Haeckel M, Pavlova G, Greinert J & Eisenhauer A

(2005) A Possible CO<->2<$> Sink Through Submarine Weathering of Detrital Silicate Minerals
Aloisi G, Wallmann K, Drews M, Bohrmann G, Greinert J & Eisenhauer A

(2000) Lipid Biomarkers in Carbonate Crusts from Mud Volcanoes of the Eastern Mediterranean Ridge: Implications for Methane Oxidation
Bouloubassi I, Aloisi G, Pancost RD, Sinninghe Damste JS, Pierre C & Medinaut Scientific Party 

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