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All abstracts by H Yuan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Re-Os evidence for age and origin of peridotites from the Dabie-Sulu UHP belt
Yuan H, Gao S, Rudnick RL, Jin Z & Walker RJ

(2006) Precambrian crustal evolution of the Yangtze Craton: U¨CPb and Hf-isotope evidence from detrital zircons
Liu X, Gao S, Yang J-H, Hu Z & Yuan H

(2004) Mg Isotopic Compositions of Pacific and Arctic Seawater
Yuan H, Wiechert U & Halliday A

(2004) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Chondrules and CAIs in Allende
Wiechert U, Halliday A & Yuan H

(2003) U-Pb Dating of 31 Ma Zircon by ELA-ICPMS
Yuan H, Gao S & Wu F

(2003) Analysis of Forty-Two Major and Trace Elements in USGS and NISTSRM Glasses by LA-ICPMS
Gao S, Liu X, Yuan H, Hattendorf B, Günther D & Chen L

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