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All abstracts by H. Xu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2005) Nanogeochemistry: Geochemical Reactions in Nanopores
Wang Y & Xu H

(2005) Genesis and Mineralogical Characteristics of Hematite in Loess-Paleosol Sequences of China
Xie Q, Chen T, Xu H, Ji J & Chen J

(2005) Mechanical, Chemical, Magnetic, Transport, and Electronic Properties Changes at the Nanometer Scale
Xu H, Chen T & Wang Y

(2005) Quantitative Mapping of the Ferrous to Ferric Ratio on a Sub-Micron Scale Using Synchrotron Spectromicroscopy
Frazer BH, Xu H, Waychunas GA & De Stasio G

(2005) Intercalation of dye Anion in Mg/Al-Ldh: A Novel Method of Wastewater Treatment
Chen T, Xu H, Peng S & Fan M

(2005) Uranium Enriched in Carbonised Wood: Role of Microbes on Uranium Immobilization
Xu H, Min M & Barton L

(2005) Synthesis and Thermochemistry of Nitrate Cancrinite and Nitrate Sodalite QINGYUAN LIU (Qliu@ucdavis.edu)
Liu Q, Xu H & Navrotsky A

(2004) Synthesis Mg/Al LDH Employed Wastewater of Acid Activation of Palygorskite Clay
Feng Y, Chen T, Qing C, Xu H & Peng S

(2004) Defluoridation of Drinking Water by Gibbsite
Wang H, Ji J, Chen J & Xu H

(2004) Mechanism of palygorskite-Cu(alpha) Interaction in Aqueous Suspension System
Chen T, Feng Y, Qing C, Huang C, Xu H & Shi X

(2003) Geochemical Reactions in Nanopores and Nanotubes
Wang Y, Xu H, Bryan C, Gao H & Chen T

(2003) Self-Assembled Nanostructures in Biomineralization
Xu H, Chen T, Nie Z, Jiang Y, Wang Y & Liu J

(2003) CH4 Emission, Production and their ╬┤13C Values in Submerged Rice Soil as Influenced by Elevated Atmospheric CO2 Concentration
Cheng W, Yagi K, Xu H, Sakai H & Kobayashi K

(2001) Coesite-Eclogite Rocks Preserve Oxygen and Hydrogen Isotope Evidence of a Temperate Latitude Cold Climate during Neoproterozoic Snowball Earth
Rumble Iii D, Giorgis D, Ireland T, Xu H, Yui TF & Liou JG

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