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All abstracts by R Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2005) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Evolution of Pollucite from No.3 Rare Metal Pegmatite Dyke, Koktokay, China
Hu H, Wang R, Zhang A & Xu S

(2005) Accessory Minerals as Indicators of Peralkaline and Aluminous A-Type Granites in the Coastal Area of Eastern China
Xie L, Wang R & Wang D

(2005) Rutile in the UHP Eclogites from the Sulu Terrane, China: An Electron Microprobe Study
Wang R, Wang S, Qiu J & Ni P

(2005) Two Kinds of Plagioclases with Discontinuous Zoning in the Basalt from Okinawa Trough and their Tectonic Significance
Chen X, Zhao M, Wang R & Jiang S

(2005) C, H, and O Isotope Characteristics of the Shuangwang Gold Deposit, West China
Zhang Z, Mao J, Li X, Wang R & Wang Z

(2005) Fluid Inclusion Study on the Ore-Forming Fluid of Rutile Occuring in Eclogite from CCSD Main Hole
Ni P, Wang R, Ling H, Jiang S, Qiu J, Zhu X & Xu Q

(2005) Petrology and Geochemistry of Shoshonitic Volcanic Rocks from Luzong in the Lower Yangtze Region, Eastern China: Petrogenesis and Inferences on the Nature of the Mantle Sources
Qiu J, Jiang S, Wang R & Lo Q

(2005) The Geochemical Characteristics of the Ore- Forming Fluid of Dajishan Tungsten Deposit in South China
Zhang W, Ni P, Hua R & Wang R

(2004) The Feldspars Record of Rock Formation Process in Tonglu Volcanicintrusive Complex
Chen X, Wang R, Ni P, Jiang S & Liu C

(2004) Hydrogen Evolution: Consideration from Microscale Distribution to Macroscale Evolution
Zhang A & Wang R

(2004) Study on the Surface Chemistry and Oxidation Mechanism of Pyrite Mediated by Thiobacillus Ferrooxidans in the Supergene Environment
Zhu C, Lu J, Lu X, Wang R & Chen X

(2003) Sm-Nd, 40Ar/39Ar and Fission Track Ages of Granulites from Lower Crust: Implications for Exhumation History of Panxi Micro Oldmass in SW China
Xu S, Wang R, Fang Z, Liu W, Li D & Wan J

(2003) Absence of Lithospheric Mantle Helium Signature in Megacrysts of SE China
Fang Z, Matsumoto T, Xu S, Matsuda J, Yu J & Wang R

(2003) Surface Microtopographic and Chemical Behaviour of Dissolved Zircon at 180℃
Wang R, Lu H & Lu X

(2000) Molecular Signals of Climatic Change over the Last 30, 000 Years in Zabuye Salt Lake Sediments, Tibet
Brassell S & Wang R

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