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All abstracts by K Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Fluid inclusion evidence for boiling process of petroleum fluid in the north Qaidam Basin (NW China)
Liu YT, Hu K, Cao J, Yang SY, Yan LL & Wang K

(2005) Proterozoic Mantle Lithosphere beneath the East African Rift (Southern Ethiopia): In situ Re-Os Evidence
Wang K, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Pearson N, Matsumura R & Shinjo R

(2004) Geochemistry and Origin of Mantle Sulfides in Spinel Peridotite Xenoliths from Penghu Islands, Taiwan
Wang K, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Pearson N & Zhang M

(2003) Catalysis and the Emergence of the RNAWorld
Ferris J, Huang W, Joshi P, Miyakawa S, Pitsch S & Wang K

(2003) Proterozoic Mantle Lithosphere beneath the Extended Margin of the South China Block: In situ Re-Os Evidence
Wang K, O’Reilly S, Griffin W, Chung S & Pearson N

(2000) Geochemical Constraints on the Petrogenesis of High-Mg Basaltic Andesites from the Northern Taiwan Volcanic Zone and their Geodynamic Significance
Wang K, Chung S, Chen C & Chen C

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