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All abstracts by Richard T. Bush in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Transformation and Transportation Pathways of Fe within a Partially Remediated Acid Sulphate Soil Wetland
Gibbs D, Moon E, Bush R, Connelly D, Scheffers A & Mills R

(2015) New Insights on Fe-S Minerals and Clay Matrices in Anoxic Coastal Sediments
Choppala G, Bush R & Sullivan L

(2015) Oxidative Disintigration of Greigite (Fe3S4): New Insights from SAXS and XAS
Moon E, Bush R & Mata J

(2015) Regional Importance of Organic-Rich Sediments to Uranium Mobility in the Upper Colorado River Basin
Noël V, Bargar J, Boye K, Cardarelli E, Bone S, Lezama-Pacheco J, Williams K, Dam W, Bush R, Dayvault J, Linard J, Kautsky M, Johnson R & Goodknight G

(2014) The Biogeochemical Overprint in Anthropocene Estuaries
Bush R, Grice K, Sullivan L, Greenwood P, Wang Z & Berwick L

(2014) Oxidative Transformation of Natural Monosulfidic Ooze: New Insights from Estuarine Sediments
Choppala G, Bush R, Carroll N, Sullivan L, Grice K, Appleyard S, Greenwood P, Wong S & Ward N

(2013) δ34S of Discrete Authigenic Framboidal Pyrite: A Powerful Palaeo-Indicator for Barrier Estuary Closure
Bush R, Sullivan L, Bush M & Ward N

(2013) Release of Solid-Bound Phosphate during the Sulfidization of Lepidocrocite
van Riel KPGL, Behrends T, Bush RT & Burton ED

(2013) Benthic Nutrient Fluxes and Iron-Phosphorus Cycling in Sulfidic Estuarine Muds
Kraal P, Burton ED, Bush RT, Rose AL, Cheetham MD & Sullivan LA

(2011) The Role of Microbial Sulfidogenesis in Shaping Iron-Sulfur-Arsenic Interactions within Floodplain Soils
Burton E, Johnston S & Bush R

(2011) Readily Available Acidity in Schwertmannite
Vithana C, Sullivan L, Bush R & Burton E

(2011) Episodic Estuarine Hypoxic Events: Integrating the Biogeochemistry, Hydrology and Climate on a Sub-Tropical Floodplain, Eastern Australia
Wong V, Johnston S, Walsh S, Morris S, Burton E, Bush R, Sullivan L & Slavich P

(2011) Re-partitioning of Fe and Cu during the Oxidation and Acidification of Acid Sulfate Soil Materials
Claff SR, Burton ED, Sullivan LA & Bush RT

(2011) As, Fe and S Cycling during Reductive Biomineralisation of Pedogenic Jarosite
Keene A, Johnston S, Burton E & Bush R

(2010) Climate Change Impacts on Coastal Lowland Acid Sulfate Soil Landscapes
Bush R, Sullivan L, Burton E, Johnston S, Keene A, Wong V & Mosley L

(2010) Sulfur Biomineralisation Across a Spatio-Temporal Hydrogeochemical Gradient in an Acid Sulfate Soil Wetland
Burton E, Bush R, Johnston S, Keene A & Sullivan L

(2010) Seawater Inundation of Fe-Rich Coastal Lowlands – Hydrogeochemical Coupling and Hysteresis at the Tidal Fringe
Johnston S, Keene A, Bush R, Burton E & Sullivan L

(2009) Iron-Sulfur Biomineralisation and Arsenic Mobility in Acid Sulfate Wetlands
Burton E, Johnston S, Bush R, Sullivan L, Keene A & Watling K

(2009) Biomineralisation of nano-Fe(III) Phases in Inland Waterways
Isaacson L, Burton E, Bush R, Sullivan L & Johnston S

(2008) Unraveling the Formation and Oxidation of Iron-Monosulfides in Acid Sulfate Soil Landscapes
Burton E, Bush R & Sullivan L

(2007) Variations in Stable Sulfur Isotopes in Acid Sulfate Soil Materials
Maher C, Sullivan L & Bush R

(2007) Schwertmannite Transformation to Hematite by Heating: Implications for Pedogenesis, Water Quality and CO2/SO2 Export in Acid Sulfate Soil Landscapes
Henderson S, Sullivan L, Bush R & Burton E

(2007) Catalytic Action of Aqueous Fe(II) and S(II) on the Transformation of Schwertmannite to Goethite
Bush R, Burton E & Sullivan L

(2007) Schwertmannite Reduction and iron(II)-monosulfide Formation in Acidified Coastal Lowlands: Iron-Sulfur Geochemistry and Implications for Water Quality
Burton E, Bush R & Sullivan L

(2007) Sulfide Oxidation, Acidification and Deoxgenation by Reaction of Resuspended Sulfidic Benthic Sediments
Fyfe D, Bush R, Burton E & Sullivan L

(2006) Elemental sulfur dynamics in coastal lowland acid sulfate soil landscapes
Bush R, Burton E, Sullivan L & Fyfe D

(2006) Sedimentary iron cycling in waterways associated with acid sulfate soils
Burton E, Bush R & Sullivan L

(2006) Schwertmannite in acid sulfate subsoils and associated groundwater geochemistry
Sullivan L, Cabot Y, Bush R & Burton E

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