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All abstracts by Daniel Breecker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Has Eastern China Always Been Summer-Wet?
Serach L, Gallagher T, Lu H, Zhang H, Wang H, Ji S, Huntington K & Breecker D

(2019) New Constraints on Ancient Atmospheric Oxygen Concentrations in the Late Triassic and the Rise of the First North American Dinosaurs
Schaller M, Pettitt E, Knobbe T & Breecker D

(2018) Boron in Soil Carbonates: A Soil CO2 Proxy
Breecker D, Fricke H, McNeece C, Miller N, Schaller M & Clyde W

(2018) A Potential New Proxy for Paleo-Atmospheric pO2 from Soil Carbonate-Hosted Fluid Inclusions
Schaller M, Pettitt E, Knobbe T & Breecker D

(2018) Toward Non-Destructive, Semi-Continuous Monitoring of Calcite Precipitation/Dissolution in Soils
Gallagher T, Friedmann E & Breecker D

(2017) Resolving Temperature Seasonality in Near-Entrance Speleothems
Miller N, Sekhon N, Carlson P, Banner J & Breecker D

(2016) Globally-averaged Speleothem ╬┤13C Shifts Record Atmospheric pCO2
Breecker D

(2014) Hydration and Stability of Natural Glasses on Geologic Timescales
Cassel E, Breecker D & Larson T

(2014) Clumped Isotope Paleothermometry in Soil Carbonate
Huntington KW, Lechler AR, Hoke GD, Burgener LK, Breecker DO & Sweeney M

(2014) A Record of Middle to Late Miocene CO2 Decrease from the Tianshui Basin, Gansu, China
Breecker D, Ji S & Nie J

(2012) The Source of Carbon in Cave Air CO2 Under Mixed Woodland and Grassland Vegetation
Breecker D, Quinn A, Quade J, Banner J, Ball C & Meyer K

(2012) The Clumped Isotope Geothermometer in Soil and Paleosol Carbonate
Quade J, Eiler J, Daeron M & Breecker D

(2011) Toward Calibrating the Paleosol Carbonate CO2 Barometer for paleoVertisols
Breecker D, Michel L, Yoon J, Mintz J, Driese S & Nordt L

(2009) Revised Phanerozoic Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations from Paleosol Carbonate
Breecker D, Sharp Z, McFadden L & Quade J

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