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All abstracts by K Kawamura in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) High-Precision Measurement of 86Kr/82Kr and 136Xe/129Xe in Air to Study Convective Mixing in Polar Firn
Kawamura K & Severinghaus J

(2005) Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of Water-Soluble Dicarboxylic Acids in the Remote Marine Aerosols over the Western and Central Pacific
Kawamura K & Watanabe T

(2005) Stable Carbon Isotopic Composition of N-Alkanes in the Marine Aerosols from the Western Pacific: Implications for the Source and Atmospheric Transport
Bendlle J & Kawamura K

(2005) Hydrogen Isotopic Compositions of Long-Chain N-Alkanes in the Doro River Basin, Hokkaido Island, Japan
Seki O, Nakatsuka T, Shibata H & Kawamura K

(2003) Saccharides, Lipids and Oxidation Products in Asian Dust and Marine Aerosols of the East Asia/Pacific Region
Simoneit B, Kobayashi M, Kawamura K & Mochida M

(2003) Long-Range Atmospheric Transport of Terrestrial Organic Matter over the Western North Pacific
Kawamura K, Ishimura Y & Yamazaki K

(2003) Distributions of Oxygenated Organic Compounds in Aerosols over the Western Pacific and off the Coast of East Asia
Mochida M, Kawamura K, Umemoto N, Kobayashi M, Matsunaga S & Lim H

(2003) Is the RNA World Hypothesis Consistent with Hydrothermal Origins of Life?
Kawamura K

(2003) Molecular Dynamics Simulation of CH4-CO2 Mixed Hydrate
Akamatsu T, Ochi N & Kawamura K

(2003) Variation of Alkenone Sea Surface Temperature in the Kuroshio Region of the Northwest Pacific during the Last 30 kyrs
Ikehara M, Matsuda A, Hokanishi N, Murayama M, Yasuda H & Kawamura K

(2003) Biomarker Flux in Sinking Particle from the Sea of Okhotsk: Comparison between Organic and Inorganic Tracers
Seki O, Yoshikawa C, Fujimune T, Nakatsuka T, Kawamura K & Okada H

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