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All abstracts by Jay Black in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Determining the Intrinsic Reactive Surface Area of Minerals and the Implications for Near-Wellbore Geochemical Reservoir Stimulations
Ali SA, Black J & Haese R

(2017) Silica Gel Formation as a Barrier to CO2 Leakage
Black J, Castaneda-Herrera C, Llanos E, Stevens G & Haese R

(2017) Kaolinite Fines Dissolution Using Benign Organic Acids
Rossmanith P, Black J & Haese R

(2013) Chlorite Dissolution Experiments Under CO2 Saturated Conditions
Black J & Haese R

(2012) Stable-Isotope Insights into Mineral-Fluid Redox Reactions
Kavner A & Black J

(2011) Electrochemically-Driven Lithium Isotopic Fractionation
Black J, Perre E, Umeda G, Dunn B, McDonough W & Kavner A

(2010) Metal Stable Isotope Probes of Electrified Interfaces
Kavner A & Black J

(2009) Transition Metal Stable Isotope Fractionation at a Redox Interface
Kavner A, Black J & Young E

(2009) Resolving Equilibrium and Kinetic Zinc Isotope Fractionations
Black J, John S, Schauble E & Kavner A

(2008) Redox-Related Isotope Fractionation
Black J & Kavner A

(2006) Magnesium Isotopic Fractionation in Chlorophyll-a
Black JR, Yin Q-Z & Casey WH

(2006) Kinetics of 17O-exchange reactions in aqueous metal-oxo nanoclusters
Black JR, Nyman M & Casey WH

(2002) Copper Complexes in Thiosulfate-Ammonia-Chloride Brines
Black J, Spiccia L & McPhail DCB

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