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All abstracts by Xinbin Feng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Methylmercury Distribution and Formation in Polluted Agricultural Soils
Gfeller L, Amouroux D, Caplette J, Lei D, Liao J, Tessier E, Xia J, Zhang H, Feng X & Mestrot A

(2019) Elucidating the Production of Volatile Antimony from Contaminated Soils
Caplette J, Gfeller L, Lei D, Jie L, Cheng J, Zhang H, Feng X & Mestrot A

(2019) Stable Isotope Fractionation Induced from Mercury Biogeochemical Cycling in Forest Ecosystems
Feng X, Yuan W, Li K, Liu Y & Lin C-J

(2018) Using Mercury Isotope Ratios to Understand Hg Biogeochemical Cycling in Forest Ecosytems
Feng X, Yuan W, Wang X & Lin J

(2016) Sources and Deposition History of Mercury in Marginal Seas off Eastern China Using Mercury Isotopic Compositions
Yin Y, Guo Z, Hu L, Liu W, Hurley JP, Krabbenhoft DP, Lepak RF, Tian T, Feng X & Li X

(2016) Mercury Stable Isotope Compositions in Airborne Particulate Maters in Remote Areas of China
Feng X, Fu X & Zhang H

(2012) Unusual Fractionation of Both odd and Even Hg Isotopes in Precipitation
Chen J, Hintelmann H, Feng X & Dimock B

(2012) Mercury Contamiation to the Environment and Health Impacts by Small and Large Scale Hg Mining Activties in China
Feng X, Qiu G, Li P, Zhang H & Larssen T

(2012) The Reduction and Surface Complexation of Mercury by Geobacter sulfurreducens PCA
Hu H, Zheng W, Schaefer J, Feng X, Liang L, Dwayne E & Gu B

(2002) Total Gaseous Mercury Exchange between Air and Water Surface over Baihua Reservoir in Guiyang, China
Feng X, Tang S, Shang L & Yan H

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