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All abstracts by Hervé Bertrand in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Emplacement of the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province at the Edges of Cratonic Keels
Boscaini A, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Chiaradia M, Jourdan F, Faccenda M, Meyzen CM, Callegaro S & Serrano Durán L

(2021) Improving our Understanding of LIP Emplacement Ages Using Petrology, Thermal Modelling, and Geochemistry of Zircon Crystals: A Case Study from the Central Atlantic Magmatic Province
Davies JHFL, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Youbi N, Ernesto M, Greber ND, Ackerson M, Simpson G, Bouvier A-S, Baumgartner LP, Pettke T, Farina F & Schaltegger U

(2018) Origin of Carbonatites from Ca Stable Isotopes
Amsellem E, Moynier F & Bertrand H

(2018) Extended Zircon Crystallization Histories in Residual Melts of Mafic Magmatic Systems
Schaltegger U, Davies J, Greber N, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Youbi N & Dostal J

(2013) Tectonomagmatic Origin of the Late Jurassic Volcanism in the Patagonia Province, Argentina
Serrano L, Kamenetsky V, Marzoli A, Marquez M, Bellieni G, Bertrand H & Ballhaus C

(2013) Direct Link between End-Triassic CAMP Volcanism, C-Cycle Perturbation and Mass Extinction
Marzoli A, Dal Corso J, Tateo F, Jenkyns H, Bertrand H & Youbi N

(2013) S Burden in CFBs: A New Approach
Callegaro S, Baker DR, Marzoli A, De Min A, Bertrand H, Geraki T, Viti C & Nestola F

(2013) Recycling of Subducted Crust in the Source of Within-Plate CAMP Basalts from Southeastern North America
Callegaro S, Bertrand H, Marzoli A, Chiaradia M, Reisberg L, Meyzen C & Bellieni G

(2011) Geochemistry of Eastern North American CAMP Diabase Dykes
Callegaro S, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Reisberg L, Chiaradia M & Bellieni G

(2011) Sr-Nd-Pb-Os Isotopes of CAMP Tholeiites from Northeast America
Merle R, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Reisberg L, Chiaradia M & Bellieni G

(2007) 40Ar/39Ar Ages of the Sill Complex of the Karoo Large Igneous Province: Implications for the Pliensbachian-Toarcian Climate Change
Bertrand H, Jourdan F, Féraud G, Watkeys M & Renne P

(2007) 40Ar/39Ar Ages of CAMP in North America (Hartford, Deerfield and Fundy Basins)
Marzoli A, Jourdan F, Bertrand H, Renne P, Cirilli S, Tanner L, Kontak D & Bellieni G

(2007) Supercontinental Warming, Plumes, and Mantle Evolution
Phillips BR, Coltice N, Bertrand H, Ricard Y & Rey P

(2006) Global warming of the mantle at the origin of flood basalts over supercontinents
Coltice N, Bertrand H, Ricard Y & Rey P

(2006) The genesis of CAMP basalts (Morocco) from enriched lithosphere to late asthenosphere mantle sources
Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Chiaradia M, Fontignie D, Youbi N & Bellieni G

(2006) Trace element and Sr-Nd-Pb-Os evidence for a lithospheric mantle source for the European CAMP basalts
Rapaille C, Marzoli A, Reisberg L & Bertrand H

(2005) Geochemical and Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf Isotope Compositions of the Karoo Large Igneous Province in Botswana-Zimbabwe
Jourdan F, Bertrand H, Schärer U, Blichert-Toft J, Féraud G & Kampunzu H

(2004) New Age Constraints on the Karoo Large Igneous Province: Triple Junction and Brevity Questioned
Jourdan F, Féraud G, Bertrand H, Kampunzu H, Watkeys M, le Gall B & Tshoso G

(2002) Immiscible Dolomitic Carbonatitic and Trachytic Magmas and the First Occurrence of Carbonatites in the French Massif Central
Chazot G, Bertrand H, Mergoil J & Sheppard S

(2002) Geochemistry and Age of the European CAMP Basalts
Rapaille C, Marzoli A, Bertrand H, Feraud G, Reisberg L & Fontignie D

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