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All abstracts by Emily Bernhardt in conference series: Goldschmidt

Tracing Atmospheric Mercury in the Peruvian Amazon Using Hg Isotopes
Szponar N, Vega C, Mclagan D, Gerson J, Bernhardt E, Mitchell C, Wania F, Fernandez L & Bergquist B

(2018) Temporal Fate and (Bio)transformations of Cu- and Au- Based Nanomaterials Chronically Added in Freshwater Mesocosms
Avellan A, Simonin M, Geitner N, Colman B, Cooper J, Bossa N, Spielman-Sun E, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry G

(2017) Long Term Behavior of Metal Nanoparticles after Low Dose Chronic Addition in Simulated Freshwater Wetlands
Avellan A, Spielman-Sun E, Simonin M, Colman BP, Cooper J, Geitner NK, Bernhardt E, Wiesner M, Unrine J & Lowry GV

(2013) Are There Unique “Nano” Effects from Exposure to Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles? – Yes and No!
Lowry GV, Ma R, Levard C, Colman BP, Bernhardt ES, Brown, Jr. GE & Wiesner MR

(2013) Impact of Natural Sulfidation of Silver Nanoparticles on Bioavailability and Biouptake
Stegemeier J, Lowry G, Dale A, Levard C, Schwab F, Colman B, Bernhardt E, Casman E & Weisner M

(2010) Biogeochemical Consequences of Changes in Root-Derived Carbon Inputs to Soil in a Forest Exposed to CO2 Enrichment
Phillips R, Finzi A & Bernhardt E

(2009) Impacts of Nanosilver on Microbial Activity in Wetlands and Streams
Colman B, Auffan M, Richardson C, Bernhardt E & Wiesner M

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