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All abstracts by Dominique Aubert in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) A New Compilation of Element Concentrations in the Natural River Water Standard SLRS-6 (NRC-Cnrc)
Yeghicheyan D, Aubert D, Bouhnik-Le Coz M, Chmeleff J, Delpoux S, Djouraev I, Granier G, Lacan F, Piro J-L, Rousseau T, Cloquet C, Marquet A, Menniti C, Pradoux C, Freydier R, Vieira da Silva-Filho E & Suchorski K

(2005) Comparative Migration Behaviour of <+>137<$>Cs, <+>90<$>Sr, <+>241<$>Am and 239+ <+>240<$>Pu in Soils: Examples of Forest Soil of Vosges and Wetland of Mercantour Areas (France)
Solovitch-Vella N, Pourcelot L, Froidevaux P, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Stille P & Aubert D

(2004) Tracing of Atmospheric Pb, Sr and Rare Earth Elements in a Soilwater-Plant System of a Forested Silicate Catchment
Stille P, Gauthier-Lafaye F, Pourcelot L, Loubet M, Aubert D & Probst A

(2004) Quantifying the Two Main Processes Managing the Pb Behavior in the Strengbach Basin (Vosges, France): Anthropogenic Input and Weathering
Quilici H, Loubet M, Aubert D & Probst A

(2002) Sr Isotope Systematics in Two Glaciated Crystalline Catchments in the Swiss Alps
Arn K, Hosein R, Fˆllmi KB, Steinmann P, Kramers J & Aubert D

(2002) Origin and Migration of Atmospheric REE in Soils and Surface Waters
Aubert D, Stille P & Probst A

(2000) Evidence of Hydrological Conditions Influence on Sr Behaviour in Streamwaters. The Strengbach Catchment Case Study (Vosges Mountains, France)
Aubert D, Probst A, Stille P & Viville D

(2000) REE Fractionation during Granite Weathering and Removal by Waters and Suspended Loads
Aubert D, Stille P & Probst A

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