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All abstracts by Jian-Ming Zhu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Biomineralization Processes of Selenide by Experimental Incubation
Yuan Y, Zhu J & Liu C

(2016) The Mechanism of Isotopic Fractionation during Selenium Adsorption on Iron Oxides: An EXAFS Study
Qin H-B, Zhu J-M, Xu W-P & Takahashi Y

(2016) The Comparison of Mo Isotope Compositions for Selected International Geological Reference Materials
Zhu J, Tan D, Liang L & Wang J

(2016) The Numerical Optimization of Isotope Dilution Analysis
Tan DC, Zhu JM, Xu LJ & Lu K

(2015) Cu and Zn Isotope Fractionation during Weathering of Highly Metalliferous Black Shales
Lv Y-W, Liu S-A & Zhu J-M

(2014) Selenium Speciation and Translocation in a Se Hyperaccumulator from High-Se Area, Enshi, China
Qin H-B, Zhu J-M, Liang L & Zheng L-R

(2013) The Isotopic Composition of Selenium in Chinese Coals
Zhu J-M, Johnson TM, Liang L, Wang X-L, Qin H-B & Yin Z-Y

(2011) The Bioavailability of Selenium and Risk Assessment for Human Selenium Poisoning in Se-High Areas, China
Qin H, Zhu J & Su H

(2011) Selenite Reduction by Bacillus L
Yuan Y, Zhu J, Lei L, Liu C-Q & Qin H

(2010) The Pathways of Selenium Poisoning in Enshi, China
Zhu J-M, Johnson TM, Qin H-B & Su H-C

(2010) Selenium Fractionation in Se-Rich Soils and Rock Spoils in Enshi by Alkaline Extraction
Qin H-B, Zhu J-M, Lei L & Su H

(2008) Selenium Isotope Variations in Weathering Zones of Se-Rich Carbonaceous Rocks at Yutangba, China
Zhu J, Johnson TM & Clark SK

(2007) Investigation on the Origin of Se-Rich Soils and Selenosis in Yutangba, China
Zhu J-M, Qin H-B, Lei L & Li L

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