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All abstracts by Gen-Tao Zhou in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Biomimetic Formation of Vaterite Mesocrystals
Yao Q-Z, Zhao T-L & Zhou G-T

(2020) Biomimatic Formation of Disordered Dolomite and its Impliaction
Zhou G-T, Huang Y-R, Li H & Yao Q-Z

(2019) Formation Pathways of Norsethite Controlled by Mg/Ba Ratio and Implication for Dolomite Problem
Zhang Y-F, Zhou G-T, Qian F-J & Yao Q-Z

(2019) Bacterial Mineralization of Struvite and its Morphogenesis
Zhou G-T, Luo Y, Li H & Yao Q-Z

(2019) Effect of Salinity on Bacterial Mineralization of Struvite
Yao Q-Z, Zhao T-L, Li H & Zhou G-T

(2018) Mineralization Mechanism of Bacterial Vaterite: A Biomimetic Mineralzation Study
Zhou G-T, Li H & Yao Q-Z

(2018) Bacterial Mineralization of Struvite and Potential Application to Phosphorus Recovery
Yao Q-Z, Li H & Zhou G-T

(2017) XANES Evidence of Cr Species in Carbonates: Implication for the Use of Cr Isotope as a Proxy for Atmospheric Oxygenation
Fang Z, Qin L, Wei S, Yao T, Liu W, Shen Y & Zhou G

(2017) Formation of Amorphous Calcium Carbonate and its Crystalline Transformation
Zhou G-T, Wang Y-Y & Yao Q-Z

(2017) Sorption of Sb(III) and Sb(V) on Nanostructured Maghemite and Implication for Environmental Geochemistry
Yao Q-Z, Yu S-H, Li H & Zhou G-T

(2016) Performance of a Biomineralization-Associated Peptide in Struvite Scale Inhibition
Li H, Yu S-H, Yao Q-Z & Zhou G-T

(2016) Biomimetic Growth of Silica with Controlled Aspect Ratios and Relevance to Biosilification
Zhou G-T, Shi J-Y & Yao Q-Z

(2015) Formation of Silica in Biomineral-Like Structures and Implication for Biosilicification
Zhou G-T, Shi J-Y & Yao Q-Z

(2015) Biomimetic Formation of Hexagonal Prism-Like Vaterite and Relevance to Biomineralization
Yao Q-Z, Wang Y-Y & Zhou G-T

(2014) Cr(VI) Reduction/Immoblization by Magnetite Functionalized Sepiolite
Yu S-H, Yao Q-Z & Zhou G-T

(2014) Biomimetic Formation of Monohydrocalcite
Wang Y-Y, Yao Q-Z & Zhou G-T

(2014) Effect of Model Peptide on Struvite Mineralization and Implication for Pathological Biomineralization
Li H, Yao Q-Z, Wang Y-Y & Zhou G-T

(2014) Abiotic Synthesis of Disordered Dolomite at Ambient Temperature
Ma Y-F, Yao Q-Z & Zhou G-T

(2013) Formation of Hydroxylapatite with Different Morphologies and Implication for Biomineralization
Jiang S-D, Yao Q-Z & Zhou G-T

(2012) Formation of Amorphous Silica with Distinct Morphologies and Implication for Biosilification
Zhou G-T, Shi J-Y, Yao Q-Z & Fu S-Q

(2011) Formation of Anhydrous Amorphous Calcium Carbonate and Implication for Biomineralization
Zhou G-T, Guan Y-B & Yao Q-Z

(2010) Effect of Model Organic Macromolecules on Calcite Mineralization and Implication for Biomineralization
Zhou G-T, Guan Y-B, Yao Q-Z & Fu Q-S

(2009) Ordered Chain of Nanomagnetite: Implication for Magnetosome Mineralization
Zhou G-T & Qu X

(2002) Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Aragonite and Water at Low Temperatures
Zhou G-T & Zheng Y-F

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