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All abstracts by Guodong Zheng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Iron Speciation of Cored Sediments from Erhai Lake, SW China
Zheng G, Xu S, Suzuki K, Ma X & Fan Q

(2020) Iron Speciation in the Wufeng-Longmaxi Black Shale of Sichuan Basin: Redox Conditions and Beyonds
Wang Y, Shi S, Zheng Y, Liao Y, Ma X & Zheng G

(2016) Mantle-Derived Helium along the Tancheng-Lujiang Fault Zone in Eastern China
Zheng G, Xu S, Sano Y, Xu W, Wang H, Zhang M, Ma X & Cao C

(2016) Iron Speciation of Mud Breccia from Dushanzi Mud Volcano in Xinjiang Province, NW China
Xu W, Zheng G, Ma X, Li Y, Fan Q & Liang S

(2016) 57Fe Mössbauer Study on Iron Redox State in Serpentinized Periotite from Darbut Ophiolite, Western Junggar, NW China
Ma X, Zheng G, Wang X, Zheng J, Xu W, Li Y & Fan Q

(2016) Enrichment of 13C in Ejecta from Mud Volcanoes in Northern Tianshan Fold Belt, Xinjiang, NW China
Chen Z, Du J & Zheng G

(2013) Iron and Sulfur Speciation of Sliding Mud from Xieliupo Landslide in South Gansu Province, NW China
Zheng G, Liang S & Zhang N

(2011) Rare Earth Elements in Crude Oil
Nakada R, Takahashi Y, Zheng G, Kato S & Waseda A

(2011) Implications of Fault Spilling Gases in Searching Active Ruptures
Wang H, Zheng G, Wang J, Hu C & Liu X

(2009) Impact of Redox Gradient on Fault Gouge Formation Related to Fracture Activities along the Ushikubi Fault Zone in Central Japan
Zheng G, Fu B, Takahashi Y & Zhao J

(2009) A Geochemical Study on Mud Volcanoes along the Southern Margin of the Junggar Basin
Nakada R, Takahashi Y, Tsunogai U, Zheng G & Shimizu H

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