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All abstracts by Hong-Lin Yuan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2011) K-Feldspar Glasses Syntheses for External Calibration of in situ Pb Isotope Analysis Using LA-MC-ICPMS
Yuan H, Song J, Chen K, Dai M, Bao Z & He G

(2010) Multiple Growth of Titanite in Response to Lower Crustal Thickening and Recycling
Guo J, Gao S, Xu W, Hu Z, Yuan H, Liu Y & Zong K

(2010) Crustal Growth of North China as Revealed by Detrital Zircons
Yang J, Gao S, Chen C, Tang Y, Yuan H, Gong H, Xie S & Wang J

(2010) Ten Micron Zircon Dating Using LA-Q-ICPMS
Yuan H-L, Chen K-Y, He G-F, Song J-Y & Gao S

(2009) Recycled Lower Continental Crust: Re-Os Isotopic Evidence from Peridotite Xenoliths Entrained by Mesozoic High-Mg Diorites in the Eastern North China Craton
Xu W-L, Gao S, Yang D-B, Yuan H-L, Rudnick RL & Walker RJ

(2008) Studies on the Zircon U-Pb-Hf Isotopes of Host Rocks and Enclaves from the Shahewan Pluton in Qinling Orogen, Central China
Zhang C, Luo J & Yuan H

(2008) Simultaneous Determinations of U-Pb Age, Trace Element Compositions, and Hf Isotopes of Zircon by LA-Q&MC-ICPMS
Yuan H, Gao S, Dai M, Zong C, G├╝nther D & Fontaine G

(2007) Study of Lu-Hf Geochronology-A Case Study of Eclogite from Dabie UHP Belt
Yuan H-L, Gao S, Luo Y, Zong C & Dai M

(2007) Recycling Deep Cratonic Lithosphere and Generation of Intraplate Magmatism
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu W-L, Yuan H-L, Liu Y-S, Puchtel I, Liu X-M, Huang H & Wang X-R

(2006) Lithospheric Evolution of the North China Craton: Evidence from high-Mg adakitic rocks and their entrained xenoliths
Gao S, Rudnick RL, Xu WL, Yuan HL, Hu ZC & Liu XM

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