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All abstracts by Yoseph Yechieli in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Unraveling the Paleo-Hydrology of the Nubian Sandstone Aquifer Using Dissolved Noble Gases
Ram R, Seltzer AM, Adar EM, Solomon DK, Yokochi R, Purtschert R, Yechieli Y, Burg A, Aeschbach W, Zappala JC, Jiang W, Lu Z-T, Mueller P & Reznik IJ

(2022) A Multi-Tracers Mixing-Cells Model Identified and Quantified Active Recharge into a Deep Nubian Sandstone "Fossil" Aquifer
Adar EM, Atencio B, Ram R, Burg A, Yokochi R, Yechieli Y, Purtschert R, Lu Z-T & Jiang W

(2020) Identifying and Quantifying Long-Term Seawater Circulation in Coastal Aquifers
Kiro Y, Michael H, Duque C, Yechieli Y & Reznik I

(2018) The Circulation of the Dead Sea Brine in the Adjacent Regional Aquifer
Weber N, Yechieli Y, Stein M, Gavrieli I, Yokochi R, Zappala J, Mueller P & Lazar B

(2013) The Geochemical History of the Dead Sea from Dissolved Chemical Species and Isotopes in Pore Waters
Levy EJ, Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Lazar B & Stein M

(2013) Substantial Changes in the Salinity and Paleo-Hydrology of the Late Quaternary Dead Sea Revealed in the ICDP Deep Drill
Lazar B, Sivan O, Antler G, Yechieli Y, Levi E, Gavrieli I & Stein M

(2013) Anaerobic Oxidation of Methane by Sulfate in Hypersaline Groundwater at the Dead Sea Aquifer
Avrahamov N, Antler G, Yechieli Y, Gavrieli I, Joye S & Sivan O

(2011) Fate of Nutrients in the Fresh-Saline Water Interface in Coastal Aquifers
Russak A, Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Lazar B & Herut B

(2011) Sea Water Circulation in Coastal Aquifers as Inferred from Radium Isotopes: The Dead Sea Case
Kiro Y, Weinstein Y, Yechieli Y & Starinsky A

(2009) Radium Geochemistry in a Hypersaline Lake: The Role of Dead Sea Water Circulation in the Aquifer
Kiro Y, Weinstein Y, Yechieli Y & Starinsky A

(2009) The Last Termination at the Dead Sea Basin: Catastrophic Aridities, Salt Deposition and Human Culture Development
Stein M, Torfstein A, Gavrieli I & Yechieli Y

(2007) Atlantic Cold-Water Spells into the Mediterranean Caused the Abrupt Changes in the Levant's post-Glacial Hydrology and Human-Culture Development
Stein M & Yechieli Y

(2002) Geochemical Evolution of Seawater Intruding into a Coastal Aquifer
Sivan O, Yechieli Y, Herut B & Lazar B

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