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All abstracts by Stephen Barker in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Determining Changes in North-Atlantic Carbon Cycling Across Abrupt Climate Events
Greenop R, Burke A, Rae J, Nita D, Reimer P, Chalk T, Crocker A, Rees-Owen R, Barker S & Waelbroeck C

(2017) Glacial Climate Stability
Knorr G, Zhang X, Lohmann G & Barker S

(2016) K/Ar Provenance Ages from Natal Valley Sediments
Hemming S, Simon M, Hall I, Barker S, Franzese A & Goldstein S

(2016) Improving Estimates of Surface Water Radiocarbon Reservoir Ages in the Northeastern Atlantic Ocean
Greenop R, Burke A, Rae J, Nita D, Barker S & Reimer P

(2016) Examining Proxy Evidence from the Deep Northwest Atlantic for the State of the AMOC over the Past 90 ka
Thornalley D, Barker S & Hall I

(2011) Rapid Changes in North Atlantic Deep Ocean Circulation during the MIS 5a/4 Glacial Inception
Thornalley D, Barker S, Hall I & Knorr G

(2009) Enhanced Atlantic Merdional Overturning Circulation during Pronounced Interstadials
Barker S, Diz P, van de Flierdt T, Vautravers M, Hall I, Broecker W & Knorr G

(2008) A Search for the Glacial Age 14C Depleted Ocean Reservoir
Barker S, Broecker W & Clark E

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