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All abstracts by Christopher G Weisener in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Biogeochemical Responses to Gamma Irradiation of Alberta Oil Sands Fluid Fine Tailings
Boudens R, Reid T, Ciborowski J & Weisener C

(2013) Evaluation of Different RNA Preservation Methods to Study the Active Microbial Communities in Oil Sand Tailings Ponds
Sabari Prakasan MR, Loick N & Weisener C

(2013) Reduction of Cu(II) Adsorbed to Bacterial Cells: A Role for Fe(II)?
Daughney C, Swedlund P, Moreau-Fournier M, Harmer S, Johannessen B, Franzblau R & Weisener C

(2013) Investigating the Physicochemical Gradients in Oil Sands Wastes
Reid T, Boudens R & Weisener C

(2013) Selenate Sorption onto Bacteria-Mineral Composites during the Progressive Addition of Fe(II)
Franzblau R, Weisener C & Daughney C

(2013) Bacterial Mineral-Metaloid Redox Transformations in Anaerobic Environments
Weisener C, Loick N & Franzblau R

(2012) Temporal and Spacial Variation of Microbial Community Structures in Oil Sand Tailing Ponds
Loick N, Chi Fru E & Weisener C

(2012) Investigating Biogeochemical Alteration of Oil Sand Tailings:field vs. Laboratory Studies
Chen M, Goetz M, Loick N & Weisener C

(2012) A Surface Complexation Model for the Copper-Bacteria-Iron Oxide System
Daughney C, Swedlund P, Moreau-Fournier M, Harmer S, Johannessen B & Weisener C

(2012) Microbial Dissolution of Se-Jarosite by Shewanella putrefaciens CN32
Franzblau R, Loick N & Weisener C

(2012) Investigating Biomineralized Structures and Morphology Associated with Laminated Freshwater Stream terraces:Stromatolites?
McCort C, Chi Fru E, Goudy S & Weisener C

(2011) Physico-Chemical and Mineralogical Transformations of Fluid Fine Tailings (FFT) Associated with the Alberta Oil Sands End Pit Lakes
Walshe G, Chen M, Chi Fru E & Weisener C

(2011) Bacterial Physico-Chemical Controls on As-Pb Iron Hydroxy Sulfates in Reduced Environments
Weisener CG, Smeaton CM, Walshe GE, Smith AML, Chi Fru E & Fryer BJ

(2011) Biotic Dissolution of Tl(I)jarosite by Shewanella putrefaciens CN32
Smeaton CM, Fryer BJ & Weisener CG

(2008) Microbial Reduction of Ferrous Arsenate: Arsenic Mobility in Reduced Tailing Environments
Weisener C, Baebechuk M, Fryer B & Paktunc D

(2008) The Microbial Weathering of Lead Jarosite
Smeaton C, Fryer B & Weisener C

(2006) Spectroscopic Investigation of the Microbial Controls on Trace Element Mobility in Iron Rich Equatorial Lacustrine Sediments
Weisener C, Crowe S, Fowle D & Roberts J

(2006) The Reactivity of Uranyl Phosphate Mineral Phases via microbial weathering: Short vs. Long Term Kinetics
Smeaton C, Weisener C & Fowle D

(2005) Investigation of the Geochemical Relationships Governing Dissimilatory Bacterial Reduction of U(VI) from Solid Uranyl Mineral Phases
Weisener C, Forsyth A, Burns P & Fowle D

(2005) Reductive Dissolution of Zippeite Group Minerals by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans
Forsyth A, Weisener C, Burns P & Fowle D

(2001) Spectroscopic Characterisation of Leached Sphalerite Surfaces as a Function of Temperature at pH 1
Weisener CG, Gerson AR & Smart RSC

(2001) The Effects of Leaching on Sphalerite Containing Various Fe Concentrations
Weisener CG, Gerson AR & Smart RSC

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