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All abstracts by Shijie Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Factors Controlling the Soil Thickness of Profiles in a Karst Terrain, Guizhou, Southwest China
Ji H, Yin C, Li C, Chu H, Ding H, Xiong K & Wang S

(2016) Soil Movements and Erosion Rates on Karst Critical Zone Southwest China
Peng T, Zhang X, Wang S, Bai X & Long Y

(2016) The Characteristics of -OH/H2O in Plagioclase by Solar Wind Implantation Simulate
Tang H, Li X, Wang S, Liu J & Li Y

(2016) Basic Properties and Potential Application of CLDS-I Lunar Dust Simulant
Li X, Tang H, Zhang S, Wang S, Liu J, Li S, Li Y & Wu Y

(2016) The Implication of Extractable Humic Acid Fractions to the Karst Rocky Desertification
Xiao B, Di X, Li Q & Wang S

(2009) C/N and 13C in Suspended and Sedimentary Organic Matter as Evidences for Changes of Turning Ecosystem in Karst Areas, Southwest China
Jiang Y, Ji H, Zhu X & Wang S

(2007) Si and O Isotopic Evidence for the Genesis of the Secondary Quartz in Red Weathering Crusts of Carbonate Rocks in Guizhou Province
Liu X, Wang S, Jiang L & Liu C

(2007) The Paleoclimatic Records of Stalagmite Traced by Stable Isotopes from Liangfeng Cave in Southwest China
Liu QM & Wang SJ

(2007) Effects of Cave Environmental Condition on Drip-Water Hydrogeochemical Characteristics
Zhou Y & Wang S

(2002) Geochemical Compositions of Carbonate Rocks and their Acid-Insoluble Residues: Implications for the Genesis of Dolomite
Ouyang Z, Ji H, Wang S, Yang R & Wang S

(2002) REE Geochemistry in the Weathering Front of Red Residua Underlying Dolomites in Pingba County, Guizhou Province
Wang S, Ji H, Ouyang Z, Zhang S, Sun C & Zhou D

(2002) Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic Compositions for Red Residua Underlying Dolomites in Karst Terrains of Guizhou Province
Ji H, Wang S, Ouyang Z, Zhang S & Zhou D

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