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All abstracts by Jianhua Wang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Highly Volatile Element (H, C, F, Cl, S) Abundances and H Isotopic Compositions in Chondrules from Carbonaceous and Ordinary Chondrites
Shimizu K, Alexander CMO, Hauri EH, Sarafian AR, Nittler LR, Wang J, Jacobsen SD & Mendybaev RA

(2021) The Water Content of the Ureilite Parent Body
Peterson L, Newcombe ME, Nielsen SG, Wang J, Sarafian AR & Alexander CMO

(2021) Source Variations in Volatile Contents between Bransfield Strait and Phoenix Ridge, Antarctica
Anderson DW, Saal A, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S & Wang J

(2020) Source Variations in Bransfield Strait and Relation to Nearby Phoenix Ridge
Anderson DW, Saal AE, Riley TR, Keller RA, Haase KM, Mallick S, Wang J & Boesenberg JS

(2019) Solar System Hygrometry with Nominally Anhydrous Minerals
Newcombe ME, Nielsen SG, Sarafian AR, Wang J, Alexander CMO, Shimizu K & Nittler LR

(2019) A Preliminary Evaluation of Volatiles Content in Melt Inclusion in Monogenetic Centers of the Central Andean Volcanic Zone (Northern of Chile)
Gonz√°lez C, Hauri E, Saal A, Wang J & Aguilera F

(2019) Water Content of Silicate Mineral Inclusions in Superdeep Diamonds from Juina, Brazil
Thomson A, Hauri E, Shirey S, Walter M, Kohn S, Bulanova G, Smith C & Wang J

(2019) SIMS Methods of Measuring Extremely Low Concentrations of H2O and Other Volatiles in Minerals and Rocks
Wang J

(2018) Late Formation of Silicon Carbide in Type II Supernovae
Liu N, Nittler L, Alexander C & Wang J

(2018) Archaean Sulphur in Neoproterozoic Zimmi Diamonds (West Africa)
Smit KV, Hauri EH, Shirey SB & Wang J

(2018) Boron-Bearing, Type IIb Diamonds from Superdeep Subduction
Smith E, Shirey S, Richardson S, Nestola F, Bullock E, Wang J & Wang W

(2017) Stellar Origins of Type AB Grains
Liu N, Stephan T, Boehnke P, Nittler L, Alexander C, Wang J, Trappitsch R, Pellin M & Davis A

(2015) Evidence from Hydrogen Isotopes in Meteorites for a Subsurface Hydrogen Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2015) Simultaneous Measurements of C and O Isotopic Composition in Carbonates by NanoSIMS
Wang J, Hauri E & Alexander C

(2014) Cr Isotope Anomalies, their Origins and Implications
Qin L, Xia J, Alexander C, Nittler L, Carlson R & Wang J

(2013) Simultaneous Measurements of C and N Isotopic Composition and N Abundance in Diamonds by NanoSIMS
Wang J, Shirey S & Hauri E

(2012) Evidence from D/H and Volatile Abundances of Impact Melts for a Surficial Water Reservoir on Mars
Usui T, Alexander C, Wang J, Simon J & Jones J

(2010) Redox-Dependent, Diffusion-Driven Fractionation of Fe Isotopes in Silicate Melts and its Structural Controls
Roskosz M, Alexander C, Sio K, Wang J, Watson H, Dauphas N & Mysen B

(2009) Carbonaceous Material Associated with Apatite in the Akilia Qp Rock
Papineau D, De Gregorio B, Fries M, Steele A, Stroud R, Wang J, Mojzsis S, Konhauser K, Pecoits E, Cody G & Fogel M

(2009) Sulfur Isotopic Fractionation during the Differentiation of Mars
Shahar A, Fei Y, Liu M-C & Wang J

(2007) Solar Wind Mg, Cr and Fe Abundances in Diamond-Like Carbon Collector from Genesis Mission
Wang J, Nittler L & Burnett D

(2007) High-Precision Isotope Acquisition with the NanoSIMS 50L
Alexander C, Hauri E, Wang J & Hillion F

(2002) H Isotope Signatures of Minerals, Melt Inclusions, and Impact Glasses in SNC Meteorites
Boctor N, Alexander C, Wang J & Hauri E

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