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All abstracts by Matthew C. F. Wander in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Valence Multipole Force Fields
Wander M & Bickmore B

(2015) Valence Multipole Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water
Andros C, Bickmore B & Wander M

(2015) The Valence Multipole Model: An Expanded Chemical Bonding Model
Bickmore B & Wander M

(2015) Effects of Bond Character and Atomic Size on Valence Dipole Moments
Yeates D, Whitmer J, Checketts H, Shurtleff C, Bickmore B & Wander M

(2015) Bond Valence and Bond Energy
Whitmer J, Yeates D, Shurtleff C, Gee L, Bickmore B & Wander M

(2015) Bond Energy and Bonding Geometry Around Anions with Lone Pairs
Shurtleff C, Whitmer J, Checketts H, Yeates D, Bickmore B & Wander M

(2010) Interfacial Properties of Alkali Halide Brines in Confined Nanopores
Wander M & Shuford K

(2009) The Role of Electronic Structure in Water Exchange Reactions
Wander MCF, Casey WH & Rustad JR

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