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All abstracts by Michael J. Walter in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Water Content of Silicate Mineral Inclusions in Superdeep Diamonds from Juina, Brazil
Thomson A, Hauri E, Shirey S, Walter M, Kohn S, Bulanova G, Smith C & Wang J

(2019) Developments for the in situ Study of High P-T Fluids and Melts at the Diamond Light Source
Anzellini S, Louvel M, Drewit J, Farsang S, Keeble D, Ross A, Amboage M & Walter M

(2019) Transition-Zone Hydrous Melts
Drewitt J, Walter M, Brodholt J & Muir J

(2019) An Experimental and ab Initio Study of Water in CaSiO3-walstromite
Gregson C, Lord O, Kohn S & Walter M

(2019) The Effect of Valence and Coordination on Mo Isotope Fractionation between Metal and Silicate
Hin RC, Burnham AD, Gianolio D, Walter MJ & Elliott T

(2019) Subducted Serpentinite Water, Superdeep Diamonds, and Deep Focus Earthquakes
Shirey S, Wagner L, Walter M, Pearson G & van Keken P

(2018) Magnesium Isotope Evidence that Accretional Vapour Loss Shapes Planetary Compositions
Hin RC, Coath CD, Carter PJ, Nimmo F, Lai Y-J, Pogge von Strandmann PAE, Willbold M, Leinhardt ZM, Walter MJ & Elliott T

(2015) The Influence of Valence State on Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation
Hin RC, Burnham AD, Walter MJ & Elliott T

(2015) High Resolution FTIR Mapping of Natural Diamonds
Speich L, Kohn SC, Walter MJ, Bulanova GP & Smith CB

(2015) Deep Mantle Melts Recorded in Superdeep Diamonds and their Mineral Inclusions
Walter M, Thomson A, Brooker R & Kohn S

(2014) Water Content of Stishovite, Majorite, and Perovskite Inclusions in Juina Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey S, Hauri E, Thomson A, Bulanova G, Smith C, Kohn S & Walter M

(2013) Water Content of Inclusions in Superdeep Diamonds
Shirey SB, Hauri EH, Thomson AR, Bulanova GP, Smith CB, Kohn SC & Walter MJ

(2013) Trace Element Partitioning between Carbonate Globules and Silicate Glass in Volcanic Carbonatites
McMahon S, Humphreys-Williams E, Gilder C, Brooker R, Jeffries T & Walter M

(2013) An Experimental Investigation of the Formation Mechanisms of Superdeep Diamonds
Thomson A, Walter M, Kohn S, Bulanova G & Smith C

(2013) The Redox State of Diamond-Forming Fluids: Constraints from Fe3+/Fe2+ of Garnets
Burnham A, Kohn S, Potiszil C, Walter M, Bulanova G, Thomson A & Smith C

(2013) Diamonds and their Inclusions from Dachine, French Guiana: A Record of Paleoproterozoic Subduction
Walter M, Smith C, Bulanova G, Mikhail S & Kohn S

(2013) Platelet Degradation in Diamonds. Insights from Infrared Microscopy and Implications for the Thermal Evolution of Cratonic Mantle
Kohn S, Wibberley E, Smith C, Bulanova G & Walter M

(2012) Multiple Growth Events in Diamonds from Murowa; Evidence from FTIR Mapping of N and H Defects
Kohn S, Bulanova G, Smith C, Walter M, Marks A & McKay A

(2012) Evidence for the Role of Carbonate Melts in the Origin of Superdeep Diamond Inclusions from the Juina-5 Kimberlite, Brazil
Thomson A, Walter M, Kohn S, Russell B, Bulanova G, Araujo D & Smith C

(2011) The Origin of Carbonate Globules in Silicate Melts: Solids or Liquids?
McMahon S, Bailey K, Walter M & Caricchi L

(2011) Subducted Oceanic Crust Exhumed from the Lower Mantle
Kohn S, Walter M, Araujo D, Bulanova G & Smith C

(2011) TAPP: Retrograde Mg-Perovskite from Subducted Lithosphere?
Armstrong L & Walter M

(2010) The Melting Curve of FeSi to 150 GPa: Implications for D"
Lord O, Walter M, Dobson D, Armstrong L, Clark S & Kleppe A

(2009) Iron Lite: Experimental Constraints on the Composition of Earth’s Core
Walter M, Lord O, Helffrich G & Walker D

(2009) Towards a Better Understanding of the Origin and Evolution of Kimberlite Melts Using Melt Phase Relations in CMAS-CO2-H2O-K2O
Buisman I, Walter M & Sparks S

(2009) Enstatite Chondrite and Related Earth Models
Wade J, Wood B, Elliott T & Walter M

(2007) The Melting Curve of Fe3C to 73 GPa
Lord O & Walter M

(2007) Metal Silicate Partitioning of Ge, Mo, Ga and P: Constraints on Core Formation
Rai N, Walter M & Hawkesworth C

(2007) Mg-Fe2+-Fe3+-Al-Si-O Phase Relations at Lower Mantle Conditions: Lack of Evidence for Fe-Disproportionation
Armstrong L & Walter M

(2003) The Effect of Sulfate Sulfur on the Structure of Na2O-SiO2 Glasses: A 29Si MAS NMR, Raman and FT-Ir Study
Tsujimura T, Xue X, Walter M, Yamashita S & Kanzaki M

(2003) Crystal Fractionation in a Deep Magma Ocean
Walter M, Tronnes R, Frost D & Nakamura E

(2001) Spinel and Post-Spinel Transitions in the Mg2SiO4-Fe2SiO4 Binary Using in situ Pressure Determinations: Implications for the Earth’s Mantle
Minarik WG, Fei Y, Hirose K, Li J, Van Orman J, Walter M & Funakoshi K

(2001) Post-Spinel Transition in Mg2SiO4 Determined by High P-T in situ X-Ray Diffractometry
Katsura T, Walter MJ, Yamada H, Shinmei T, Kubo A, Ono S, Kanzaki M, Yoneda A, Ito E, Urakawa S, Funakoshi K & Utsumi W

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